Assakam-o-alaikum everyone,, welcome to Gharplans Pakistan Today I’ll show you the interior and exterior of one kanal house As you enter through main gate, we have beautiful lawn at left. . And width of this lawn is 22 feet You can see how beautifully lawn edging is done. In the center we have outdoor table and chair where you can enjoy your evening tea. This house is in brick structure But to give traditional look, its final finish gives the impact of mud textured walls done in stucco. From main gate to porch’s false ceiling and in the side jaali, we used wood. And floor tiles of porch are also complimenting this theme. In this house we have two servant quarters with attach baths. And look how beautifully well decorated entrance we have We have double height lobby as you enter the house. Which is making this house appear big and spacious The window above is transmitting natural light throughout the house This is the connecting lobby of this house Which is connecting basement and 1st floor obviously through staircase. Staircase is made in concrete it’s railing is in metal And use of black granite on tread Let staircase be the STAR here Lobby is the very right place where you can place you console or different decorative items or mirror, even statement painting can be displayed, just to make it look more welcoming Here we chose mosaic pattern for floor in the entrance lobby This is done in small stones small different color of stones in oval shape and it is looking absolutely amazing and very statement pattern in the lobby starting off with the ground floor at right we have powder room next to it is a lounge The purpose of installing door was to enclose the lounge By enclosing the lounge, privacy and air conditioning can easily be maintained placement of window in any room is very important here you can see this window is acting as a “picture window” From where we have the view of outside lawn This window is showing how beautifully indoor and outdoor connection is provided if we talk about interior we have used neutral colors for floor, walls and ceiling. What happens is when you use neutral colors when you use neutral colors, then with time and over the changing trends you can play with your furniture and can decorate your interior in different ways currently now we have used modern dark color furniture and decorations items to give walls a complete look you can use pair of frames or one big frame, one big painting, you can hang sometimes at the back of your sitting which in this case is acting as background glass panel double door for dining again providing visual connection to the outside yet enclosing dining space itself this is beautiful and very artful and very artistic niche here you can place beautiful decoration items to make it look more beautiful and the cabinets where you can store stuff this is very spacious dining for 8 persons small corridor which is splitting the private area of the house from rest of the house i mean, bedrooms and kitchen. this is that very beautiful glass work which i showed you from dining through niche adding niche designs and paintings will add more beauty to this corridor this is the kitchen, and this kitchen is a branded pod, which we fixed here you can make customized this is an example you have this is the master bedroom of the house let me tell you or you would have noticed that in this house false ceiling has been designed, ceiling is kept completely plain and in this room media wall has not been designed throughout wallpaper has been applied and no extra furniture has been placed because of which it may occupy space simple a bed with side tables and a couch you must be thinking where is the wardrobe of this bedroom come, let me show you single glass panel door, frosted glass this is the wardrobe area a very big wardrobe area a nice contemporay quite a large scale vanity niches are provided for aesthitic purpose bathtub, wc ofcourse 😀 if you like big washrooms then this is the best idea for big washrooms idea, i’ll show you another similar washroom which can be of another idea at my left is wardrobe at my right is contemporary vanity with a large shelf the shower area and the wc area is apparently segregated from vanity and wardrobe area and the beam drop is acting as a divider for this purpose let me show you the basement actually, lawn in the house and making rest of the house spacious we shifted drawing room in the basement and how we incorporated natural light in the basement, I’ll show you now just as i told you that in basement we designed drawing room at my left is drawing room rest of the two bedrooms are at my right, one at my right one at my back here again for drawing room we have glass panel double door giving vision of the outside yet making it an enclosed space here if i show you , you can see full height window and one duct is provided open to sky you see, if camera shows you closely here to give a dramatic look, by adding sculptures and adding warm lights, and giving wall brick textue a very dramatic and artful touch can be created in this room, furniture is not placed yet with time it will be placed but the important thing i want to show you in this room is the store room this is the store inside the bedroom which i wanted to show you which is of utmost importance in a house and if it is attached to bedroom then this is a good thing your many of the things can be placed here and it has quite enough space you can use among you, whoever is building new house, I’ll suggest you to make one store too let me show you the last bedroom of the basement my favorite fireplace of this house is this one by giving it a lookshape of feature wall with the use of, with the application of stone textured* tiles is just making it look more beautiful lets go to the first floor on first floor we have beds, of-course lounge and a study i am showing you the view of double height lobby from first floor you may see how it is providing connection to the first floor and how this is making this house appear big and of course this big window is providing and transmitting the natural light to the first floor and ground floor, ultimately throughout the house this is the lounge of first floor and on first floor we have 2 beds one for the boys and one for the girls and in front of the lounge is the study this is the side balcony of the lounge this is the girl’s bedroom with a nice furniture placement and let me show you the wardrobe and washroom area look this is a walk-in-closet at my left is wardrobe and washroom and wardrobe is one space yet appearing two different spaces this is a very pinky bathroom if anyone of you wants to have a pink bathroom then this is one kind of idea with a nice contemporary style bathtub, vanity, wc thankyou for watching this video. 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