Beautiful flower bottle decoration|best out of waste|clay flowersglass bottle decoration ideas|part2

Hey guys, welcome back. In this video I am going to share a bottle transformation using the thai clay flowers that I made in my last video. If you wish to see the Thai clay recipe and the flower making process you can check the description of this video you will get to see the link where you can find the Thai clay recipe. Now let’s have a look at the bottle transformation process. For this bottle transformation, I first made some mod podge by mixing equal amount of white glue and water. Then I used the mod poles to cover the entire bottle with tissue paper. Tissue paper will act like a primer here. On top of which I can do my decoration I got an old chocolate box cover and reused the cardboard to get a brick like look on my bottle I used the homemade thai clay to make the window sleeve. Then I pasted one more layer of tissue paper on it. This will give a more natural textured look. Then I applied bronze metallic color all over the bottle. Once the bronze metallic was completely dried, I applied some teal blue shade using drybrush technique. then a little more bronze shade using a sponge dauber. This will give a patina effect. Then I glued the flowers on the bottle. and that’s how I transformed the bottle to get a desired look that I wished for this bottle. Thanks for watching the video if you liked the video, please press the like button and subscribe to my channel. I will be back with some more beautiful projects and some craft recipes. Till then bye bye


For better understanding and after getting requests from spanish viewers, I have enabled the spanish subtitle.. Viewers need to set the spanish subtitle on to see the translation..Also, the material details are available in the description box…I hope you guys will enjoy the video…😍😍😍

My God!!!!! Dont have words to describe your creations. Thanks for inspiring me yet once again. No need to mention that Im inspired by you for this lifetime. Lovely bottle decor I should say. And I was thinking that these colorful flowers and leaves will not go well with antique look. But you proved me wrong. 🌹🌹

Wow nobody knew something this amazing will come as a result. I m extremely surprised. It's fantastic. I am also a beginner YouTuber artist here. Visit my channel you may like my videos. Lets grow together. I subscribed your channel and hope to see much more.

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Все хорошо но покрасили плохо и листья подкрасти потемней

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