Beautiful and Elegant Scandinavian Style Bedroom Design Ideas

A Scandinavian-style bedroom is bright, simple and relaxing. White is the predominant color in any Scandinavian decor, so, you will find most of them in this color palette. But other colors are not completely missing. These come as a complement transforming the decor into a special one. The colors can come from the bed linen, from the walls (paint, wallpaper) or from a light fixture shade. From minimalism and a few decorative accessories that decorate the bedroom space, to lot of light (natural and artificial) and natural materials (especially wood) they will all fit into the overall décor and create an elegant but also warm and inviting bedroom. Here, in this video, you’ll discover sixty-five bedrooms design ideas that will delight you through elegant and exquisite arrangement. Returning to the color palette we can notice that it is inspired by the northern European atmosphere, with white walls and light blue or dusty gray textiles. Iconic for the Nordic-style design is the combination, black and white. You can also find several color spots, small eye-catching decorative accessories in bright colors, metallic colors and pastel colors. However, there are also Scandinavian bedrooms in dramatic color palettes, black, dark blue, dark gray, red and even green. The Scandinavian style furniture is of minimalist and mid-century inspiration, being very simple in form, lightweight, easy to maintain, in light colors, usually white, blue, natural and white painted wood. In fact, wood plays an important role in the Scandinavian decoration, combining perfectly with the white and gray on the walls and the window and door frames. The coherent ensemble composed of bed and nightstands highlight the beauty of this natural material, which is abundantly find in any Scandinavian décor. For a warmer interior many Scandinavian bedrooms decor are featuring exposed wooden beams. Thank you so much for watching. Background soundtracks: 1. Have in Mind – CLNGR 2. Strangers Again – Ameryh 3. No Good – Mindme ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND Please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.


I do not see dressers or nite stands with storage. Where do they put their possessions? I love this style and your videos are beautiful. I thank you.

I like the room with the light blue wall, and the one with the single pink wall (5:44) except that in that one they don't know how to make a bed. The other rooms had scrumptious beds, but I did not care for the modern look. The rooms with single beds were pretty, especially the one with the sweet little dark-wood chair. I think I prefer the "romantic" or shabby chic look to modern and sleek and spare. Personal taste. I really enjoy your channel, there is always something beautiful in what you show us. Thank you, Grig!

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