Beautiful and Elegant Scandinavian Style Apartment Design Ideas

Scandinavian-style design has begun to be widely used in many interior design projects, becoming a major influence in the overall home interior décor. This beautiful style is today one of the favorites of many interior designers and homeowners. Here, in this video, you’ll find eighty gorgeous apartments in a fabulous Nordic style. High ceilings, lots of white, light gray, excessive use of wood, black accents and a very efficient and clever use of space are the details that shape these Scandinavian apartments. Each room has been designed as minimalist as possible, the multi-functional and open concept spaces predominating throughout every apartment layout. The intense and bright white opens a lot the living space, making it to look more spacious than it really is. The black and gray inserts and color spots bring a dash of drama to the décor, and the wooden elements (furniture, decorative accessories), including the light color hardwood floor, slightly dim the monochromatic color palette. The windows are large and wide without curtains, rarely with thin drapes, and the existing blinds are translucent and discrete to let a lot of natural light to enter the room. Here, in these apartments, you can also find oversized light fixtures with the cable left specially hung, indicating a relaxed style but organized at the same time. A smart design idea is the combination of old and new with modern accents. They blend harmoniously into the overall décor. Each area (living, dining, kitchen) is well delimited and especially highlighted by shapes, objects and colors: sofa, chair, lamps, decorative objects and paintings hanging on the walls. Usually, the living area (living and dining) includes a bright living area and a simple dining area in a warm, pleasant chromatic, where the white, light gray, cream, beige, dusty blue and natural shades of wood are the predominant colors. The furniture pieces and the decorative accessories tend towards a minimalism and elegance specific to the Nordic style. A sofa, a coffee table, an armchair, a dresser and a TV stand are the furniture pieces that make up the living room. The indoor plants offer a color spot and a fresh air in the home decor. The kitchen space is based on the same efficient and elegant minimalism, the cabinets offering enough space for storage. The bedrooms offer the same pleasant feeling of resting and relaxation through chromatic and simple elements. I hope you have enjoyed our video. 1. Constellation – Loving Caliber 2. All Our Flaws – Sionya 3. Demons (In My Mind) – Lvly 4. Wholehearted – Daxten ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND Please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. Thank you so much for watching.


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