I was in an escape room and at the 30 min mark me and my friends were stuck. The funny thing is we knew we needed a manikin to do something but there wasn’t one in the room. We searched around for 15-20 min and realised that part of a cupboard was unlocked with a code that we had already entered. We made it out with 20 sec to spare OOF

We were doing an escape room for school and we just needed the code. We asked if it was in a specific area and she said it was under something. We looked everywhere and I jokingly lifted up a music stand asking if they saw anything under it on the bottom. We a all laughed. With MINUTE left we were about to give up when my friend leaned against the music stand and turned the head of it upside down. There was the code!

Once i was doing an escape room and there was a song supposed to play with clues in it but the speaker had ran out of batteries so basicaly we could'nt possibly finish it

We recently did an escape room. The theme was gold panning cabin. At the very beginning, all we found was a 2 in a book. Then there was a puzzle. We didn’t notice that the words on the puzzle were on maps on the wall. We escaped in 55 minutes. Could you give us the story of your escape room?

Thought I would watch this video because I am learning how to design escape rooms. Did not expect to see my professor in here!

P.S He hates being called Dr. Nicholson, just call him Scott 😛

When I was in 4 grade me and my amigos went to an escape room (it was hard mode) and we beat it in 39 minutes (we didn’t go into creative)

One time it took us 20 extra minutes before a guide came in and told us that we somehow reset the lock and set it to a random code. We would have won in 40 minutes

My team was one of twelve groups in the past five years that beat their hardest escape room, within the time limit, with no hints. It was our first time ever going through an escape room puzzle too! Thanks for the hints, @MarkRober!

I find a guaranteed method of rapid escape room escapes is the flop onto the floor and wobble around as a friend panics and cries heart attack over and over….

Mark: represents Canada in 3 seconds with Niagara Falls, a Tim Hortons and a Canadian flag

Me, a canadian: "I consider this accurate"

i work at an escape, and guarantee if you follow these tips you'll escape any room… except when he said skip finding the last number or letter to a lock. Sometimes there can be multiple things hidden away inside a locked drawer or something, so if you skip trying to open that locked drawer because you think all that's in there is that last number, you may end up skipping a key component to the game. Sometimes we will purposely put extra game pieces inside a drawer with th very last number to something to ensure people have to take the time to open it up and don't skip anything in our rooms

I’m so bad at escape rooms that when I run out of time and the Guide comes and opens the door I’d still be stuck

Once we did this in us class we were trying to find some clue but one girl was trying any code on a number slot thing with 4 numbers and she found the thing and anyone was like like🤨 nice

This is so true I work at an escape room and all of the tips will help you escape. The only one I dont think is necessary is puting the lock in a discard pile and thats because it is annoying to the person reseting the room. All you have to do is leave it clearly unlocked.

As an escape room owner, great video!! I will disagree with the puzzle guy in the beginning. 'Red Herrings' should be anything placed in a room with the sole purpose of distracting/misleading players. On the other hand, pieces, such as set-pieces (i.e. a phone in a bank, a desk lamp in a detectives rooms are set pieces) are there to enhance the ambiance.

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