Bathroom Remodeling & Home Improvement Repairs : Painting the Bathroom Walls

Hi, this is Jon on behalf of Expert Village.
In this video clip I will be taking your through step one of our painting process. Since our
ceiling is now finished being painted we are ready to prepare for painting our walls. It’s
important to remove as much as possible from the walls so that the painting process goes
a lot quicker and a lot smoother. If you have a cabinet like this, typically you can lift
up on it and it’ll pull right off. Let’s show you what it looks like on the back, we have
a larger hole going to a smaller hole. When you put the screw in it will slide down and
fit onto that smaller hole and not allow it to come off. So what we did is we lifted it
up which pushed that screw down to the larger hole and then pulled it off. You also want
to remove all of your outlet covers. This will really help your final paint job to look
a lot nicer. Now, if you have any holes or debits in your wall, now is the time to go
ahead and mud those. Lastly I went ahead and removed the shower curtain so that I can have
better access to the wall.

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