Balloon Wall Tutorial | Wedding Decoration Ideas

hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
fun ballon backdrop for a wedding or for any fun celebration here we go some of you guys have been asking for me
to make a balloon backdrop or a floral backdrop and today I’m going to make a
balloon backdrop because it’s much more easier I’m still collecting flowers for
my floral backdrop so stay tuned for that one are you guys for not today you
know what I mean all right guys let’s get started I’m
going to start by gluing together nine of these rug underlays from Dollar Tree
with my high-temperature gun so I add a glue in between the rug
underlays as you can see right here and now I’m going to add more hot glue to
the top to secure it I’m going to be using a better stand for my backdrop and
this is the top part of it and I’m going to make a fold over it so I can have it
to slide it into so it’s going to look something like this if you don’t have a
stand that is totally okay you can always hang transparent cord
probably about four or more the more you have the better it is for you but I
would still make a fold to make this top part stronger because this is kind of
thin so you still might want to fold it so it can be stronger so when you tie
the transparent court although the balloons are not that heavy
you still got some support right here alright so I’m going to place this on
here so I can know how much room I need I’m going to start by gluing this to
stiff parts where the glutes are at and here it is and the dimensions are
four and a half in width by six and a half in height I’m going to start
blowing up my balloons and I’m going to be using my balloon buddy which I love
this is from Party City and it’s the best invention ever I’m going to start
with my 12 inch balloons and I’m going to be gluing down with my little
temperature gun next I’m a 9-inch white balloon now I’m going to use my 5-inch white
balloons to liven things up I’m going to be using 9-inch transparent balloons and
I’m going to use this funnel to place gold confetti inside the balloons you
are going to grab the funnel put it inside the balloon and then you are
going to add the confetti and then you’re going to grab a pencil or some
type of object that will you know push the confetti down and it’s that easy
look at that and then you’re just gonna go ahead and blow it up with your
balloon buddy or a pump and if you overdo it he explodes like
this nice let’s try that again a little action of the Thai referrers project
okay so let’s blow this one up it’s going to happen you are going to pop a
few balloons so that’s his life anyway I just wanted to give you an
example basically you are going to need static okay let me tie this and I’m
scared alright so you’re basically gonna need static and you are going to call
static by crossing friction rub the balloon together sometimes I use my
clothes knots sometimes I do it all the time yeah so that’s how you get the
confetti okay guys this is my wedding balloon backdrop and I think is fun and
elegant at the same time I add a 12 inch transparent balloons to the bottom of
the backdrop and now I think is perfect and of course I love it and by the way
today is the very next day and the reason why you probably going to see a
few guys between balloons but that was because yesterday was very very cloudy
and I couldn’t take the final so yeah so that’s the reason for the little gaps in
between the balloons but nevertheless I still love it and I think it looks
beautiful I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please make sure to
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think they will like it alright and Oh leave me a comment let me know what you
thought of my backdrop because I love to take your feedback and I love all the
positive energy you guys send my way all the time alright guys until next time


Did u glue the balloon onto the mesh? I've never seen that mesh here in Trinidad but do u think I can try can-can?

a tip from a balloon decorator: there are special linking balloons that are perfect for this..I promise its much easier, just search for quicklinks or link-o-loon 🙂

I know God sent me to your channel. You are absolutely amazing! I think I can use this backdrop for a unicorn party 😁! Thank you!

Would this have to be created at the venue? If not, if I were to make a day prior to event, how do I transport it to the venue without all of the balloons popping? 🤔 Please assist with your thoughts. Thanks

I absolutely love you and I love this great idea I wish you would have showed how to glue the balloon onto the backdrop and glue the balloons together

I love this for a party. I would like to see one for a wedding cake table (since I'm getting married in December). My venue is small and where I decide to place my cake table has a door that I would like to have cover. Any ideas. I already have the PVC pipes. Brain storm time. TFS

Always inspiring❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😍

Did you have any problems gluing the tail end of the balloon to the rug runner?
Also, could shelf liners work as well?

For this back drop…. how did you glue the balloons ….and if with the glue gun how did you keep them from popping……and were did you place the glue

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. I don’t usually like balloons but this is gorgeous . Thanks for the inspirations . You are awesome . Regards from Milton , ga

This is so awesome. I love it!!!

But I read the reply where you said it took 8 hours 😳 is there anything you can recommend to speed up the process if you don’t have 2/3 other people.

Hi am planing a sweet 15 and i like to ask if you make a video of a tall center table whith the eiffel tower.thank you

can you please write down the balloon sizes in the info so we can screenshot it please. Also, does it matter what size you get?

Can you do a prince royal crown for backdrop big size pleaseeeee pleaseee .😊😊🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

I love this!! My Baby shower is next month and my colors are black, gold, and (with little) white.. Do you have any more videos of black and gold decor videos?

How beautiful!! Quick question:
How do you transport this? That would be great to add to the video – transportation and setup

Hi why do you use a nonslip rug underlay? Could I use a white sheet? Or is the rug underlay better for some reason? Thank you!

Would I be able to hang this on a wall if I make it smaller ? My daughters birthday is on Wednesday I don’t think I’ll have a back drop stand by then .

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