Background Decoration | VLOG #1

♫ Music ♫ Hello Everybody welcome to Saiman Says When I started making videos a lot of you guys complained that my background is so plain Then you said that I use chroma way too much And now we’ve entered in a high sky Are you having fun? Oh! Mom It’s okay I was excited I am sick of all the complains you guys do about my background So I’ve decided to change my background On this wall where right now is my green screen Am gonna replace it with something good So today I am trying to be a vlogger *awkward laugh* Never mind First let’s remove this green screen Let me tell you what I have in my mind So I was think about putting something here and here You know like in two parts which should look good I have something in my mind but….. Am not sure if that will look good or not But let’s try Hello kids how are you…..You are watching M.A.D And I am you host…..Wait I forgot my name And today we need three thermocols and two Diwali Lights Do you know how much this thermocol cost me?…..40 Rupees 40 F$%^&k Rupees My god…..I thought this would cost me around 20-25 Rupees but 40 Rupees! ….And that too for one piece…..And I have bought three of them Okay guys so you’ve watched my previous videos and you’ve probably noticed that I am a boy And boys re not at all good at these creative stuff I think I need a help from a girl So I am going to call one of my friend and let’s see if she can help me Say Hii to Anchal everybody And as I’ve told you earlier I have to put these thermocols onto the wall So can you see the length of these? *nodding* The thing is they are too wide So should I hang them vertically or horizontally You know what I mean? Vertically…….No I mean horizontally * Laughing * like this or………Like this Make them parallel one on the top of other Why? But I was thinking maybe putting up 4 of these Because 40 Rupees for one piece You can always remove it and put it again * mini heart attack * So you are going to use them as it is without changing their shape As it is? Without any change? It’s too costly I can’t take risk Are you mad or what? You got this big what else do you want? What’s in it that costs 40 Rupees? This is so light It’s so thick can’t you see that * laughing * * can’t understand a word she is saying * * can’t understand a word she is saying * Like flipped ‘L’ You idiot…… Like this……You know… this Wait I can’t find my notebook Anchal : Wait na…. Yeah I am waiting She is showing us by drawing it on a notebook Ohhhhhh like staircase? Oh no do it again…. * laughing * Okay that’s it Ba bye Say goodbye to my Audience too Blonde Redhead – Song Damm it Hi guys how are you? So guys it’s Diwali once again I am untangling these lights just like I do on diwali You guys are probably thinking “What is he trying to do?” So I am going to attach these lights on this thermocol You can watch it in time-lapse if you like My kid ‘Nibbas’ always use cutter when your parents are around I am an adult that’s why I can do it Because cutters are too dangerous And don’t ever use it like this… can injure your eyes You could’ve injure your tounge too Got it?…..Always use it properly Okay so Lights are attached on both of these now it’s time to hand them on the wall So I am going to hang them flipped You know since my childhood there roams a street vendor who sells ‘Chach’ Just listen to him *total silence* God dammit He didn’t shouted even once So he shouts like this ‘Chaachhhhhhhh’…….’Chaachhhhhhhhhhh’ When I was a kid I always thought that he is calling me so I used to come outside Alfaaaaaaaaaaaaz………Alfaaaaaaaaaaaaz I will make him shout next time then judge me okay? Okay now you guys are probably wondering that……. What have you done?….but I am thinking the same thing Let’s see how this will look after I complete it So let me do it quickly………Okay?…………..Fine?…………….. Okay so I attached Double-Sided-Tape on their backside So I am waiting for the night time to check weather this looks good or not So let’s meet tonight okay? Here we go….. Booom…..How are you guys? Okay so it’s a pretty much night time So what I used to support them is also attached with them nicely It’s time we hang them over there…….So let’s do it Let’s check but before that let me switch off lights * lights off * Okay…..So it’s completely dark I don’t know if you guys can her me *Head Claps* I mean of course you just can’t see me okay 1……..2……….3……..Bammm Okay as you can see light is coming through the thermocol…..But I am going to cover it I don’t know you guys liked it or not….It’s not completed yet So tell me your opinions in the comment section Okay guys that’s it….I tried to make this video as least boring as possible I you like this video then please hit like Also comment if you like it or not You can also give your creative suggestions in the comment box And guys i got to know that 46% of my viewers didn’t subscribed me yet What…………Why So if you guys haven’t subscribed till now then please consider subscribing Let’s end this video here so……………Bye bye


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