Baby Shower Ideas: Stroller Banner (Party Decorations) | Pampers

Hey, there. I’m Alison. It’s time to create decorations for
your stroller themed baby shower. These custom decorative banners are
so fun and quite affordable to make. Here’s what you’ll need. OK. Let’s make a stroller banner. Using the template as a
guide, cut out seven triangles from the teal card stock. Next I’m going to cut
out the scalloped circles from the light teal and yellow card
stock, using the template like this. The last pieces you’ll need to cut
out are these lovely little baby stroller decals. They’re designed as a simple
black and white pattern so that they’ll mix and match with
whatever color scheme you choose. I think I’m going to add a little
pizzazz to these banner flags. Here’s a handy tip for making polka
dots using the eraser head of a pencil. No special stamp required. Just add a dollop of craft
paint on a paper plate, dip the eraser head in the paint,
making sure to dab off any excess. Then start stamping. While the paint is drying, let’s
create the stroller medallions. Glue the baby stroller decals to the
center of the scalloped rounds using a glue stick. They look great. The next step is super simple, but
it’s that little something that will make this banner look like
you’ve hired a professional crafter. My secret weapon? Adhesive foam squares. If you can’t find them, foam
core and a glue stick will do. Take one adhesive foam
square and place it in the center of the back
of the stroller medallion. Next, adhere the medallion to the upper
third of the banner flag like this. See? The foam squares really add
dimension and a handcrafted touch. These will make wonderful
scrapbook keepsakes for the baby shower mommy of honor. OK. We have seven assembled banner flags. Now it’s time to string them together. Punch a hole in the top left and
top right corners of all the flags. Thread decorative string or
narrow ribbon through the holes and find the perfect place
to display your creation. Before you know it, your friends
will ask you to help them with their next baby shower. Who knew you were so crafty? Click here to watch the other videos
for the stroller baby shower theme, and click this button to
download the printout template. Also, don’t forget to earn points
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