Audience Members ‘Make It Rain’ for Grammy Tickets!

All right, well, it may be
sunny right now in Burbank, but there is a 100% chance
of showers in our studio, because it’s time to
play, “Make It Rain.” [MUSIC – THE WEATHER GIRLS,
“IT’S RAINING MEN”] OK, where are Kelsey
Koon and Krysten Johnson? [MUSIC – DAZZ BAND, “LET IT
WHIP”] [CHEERING] There you are. [INAUDIBLE] Oh my God, you’re so cute. OK, here’s how the
game works, you guys. Hidden somewhere under one of
these umbrellas is $5,000 cash. [CHEERING] Unfortunately, under the
other ones is a lot of water. So you’re going to have
to go stand over there. Go OK, go, go, go, go. OK. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] OK, I’m going to
ask you a question. As soon as you know the
answer, grab the water bottle. If you are right, you
get to pick an umbrella. Ready? The new season of “Ellen’s
Game of Games” just started. What’s the name of the game
where if you don’t know, you go? Shoot. [LAUGHTER] I’m going to go
with, “Know or Go?” [DING] That’s correct. That is correct. [APPLAUSE] OK. [WHOOSH] Oh! [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] I really [INAUDIBLE] that. It’s really cold. Oh! Oh, boy. That’s OK. OK. Oh, my gosh. Sorry about that. Oh, my gosh. All right guys, hands behind–
hands behind your back. I forgot to say that
part of the game. All right, the Grammys
are this Sunday. And Ellen was nominated for
her comedy album, “Relatable.” Tell me something
relatable about you. To Ellen? You tell me something
relatable about you. And OK, go. I’m a female and she’s a female. [LAUGHTER] Is that relatable? That is correct. [DING] That is correct. [APPLAUSE] [INTERPOSING VOICES] Oh, God. OK, maybe I’ll go back here. It’s really, really cold. Oh, my God. OK. Please, please, please,
please, please– Ah! [APPLAUSE] Oh, God. Please [INAUDIBLE]. I am so cold. My God. Oh, my. I know. It’s cold. So mean. OK guys, hands behind your back. Here we go. Lizzo has eight
Grammy nominations. Finish the lyrics
to this Lizzo song. “I do my hair, toss. Check my nails, baby. How you feeling?” “Feeling good as hell!” [CHEERING] [DING] That’s correct. [APPLAUSE] [CLEARS THROAT] I– oh! I want you to get wet, too! Make it rain. OK, one, two, three! [WHOOSH] Oh! Yeah! [CHEERING] [MUSIC – THE WEATHER GIRLS,
“IT’S RAINING MEN”] Congratulations, you just
won $5,000 and two tickets to the Grammys. [CHEERING] I’m so excited. Give me a hug. And you’re going to the Grammys. And you’re not going to
go home empty-handed. You’re not going
home empty-handed. I just remembered, I have two
more tickets to the Grammys. So you’re going, too. [CHEERING] [APPLAUSE] We’ll be right back.

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