Artkal Mini Beads Wall | Craft Room Makeover Part 2 (GIVEAWAY)

hey guys you’re watching QDCrafts,
welcome to part two of my craft room slash studio room makeover
transformation! In this video I’ll be focusing on turning this blank blue
wall into a colorful mini bead wall. If you saw my Artkal beads haul video
last year, I got a hundred and seventy eight thousand mini Artkal beads and
until now I had no idea where to put them, I still have them in their bags, I
haven’t really been able to use them so I’ve been looking at different methods
to display my mini beads and I was really inspired by some spice racks that I saw
and also the Lego store’s Lego wall so I’m gonna try to do the same kind of
thing but with mini beads and hopefully it looks cool and it’ll just be in my
background from now on. First thing I did was take out all of my C Series Artkal mini beads and I organized them all by color but they’re gonna be mixed
up anyway. I also want to say a huge thank you to Artkal beads for giving me
these supplies and especially Doris who was able to find these amazing containers that fit exactly 1000 mini beads. I got just over a hundred and eighty of these plastic containers and to put them up onto the wall, I’m using magnets that
I’ll glue onto the container lids. I also have a funnel to fill the containers and
a marker to label them. I prepared all of the containers by taking off their twist
on lids. It looks like I’m Neji from Naruto *eight
trigrams sixty-four containers* here’s a close-up of the container and twist on
lid and now I just have to fill all of them with these mini beads. To make
things more efficient and to prevent spilling of the beads into other
containers, I’m using this funnel which i think is for baby bottles and that’s
going to help direct the beads directly into the container. I closed it up with a twist on lid and I
made sure to remember the code of this color so that I could write it on the
magnet and once the magnet is glued on, that’s pretty much how you prepare all
of these containers. Personally when I hear the sound of
pouring beads it just sounds really good so I don’t know if you enjoyed that last
few seconds of just me pouring the beads into their containers but I love the
sound of beads hitting the container and I’ll include some more clips of just the
sounds of beads in case you enjoy hearing them as much as I do.
So that was 28 containers all filled up but I still have a hundred and fifty
more to go if I want all of my mini beads to be in their new home. With so
many different colors that I had to fill the containers with, it would have taken
me so long to finish this all by myself. My mom helped me out a lot with this
project and we kind of set up a little system. Before cutting open the bags and
pouring the beads into the containers, first we had to label the magnets with
their correct color codes. While my mom wrote on all of the magnets and put them
on their corresponding bag of beads, I was filling up all of the containers and
every time I filled one up I would close it with the lid, put a labeled magnet on
top and this is so I could keep track of what colors I had. I mainly wanted to
showcase all of the pretty colors and see all of the different colors on my
table in front of me so I’m not sure if I wasn’t filming this, if I would have
done it differently but this was pretty efficient for me and it only took us a
couple of hours to finish filling up all of these containers and having all of
the labels on top of the lids. Eventually my mom was all done with labeling the
magnets and while I was still filling up all the containers she helped with
gluing the magnet to the center of each lid and she used gorilla glue for this.
When you’re actually sitting there filling up these containers, you start to
realize how large of a number a hundred and seventy eight is because this was
only still a half of the beads that I still had to put into their containers. Now it’s starting to look like a sea of
beautiful colored beads on my desk but I still have a couple more of those to go. Now for the last bag of mini beads, these
are some beautiful blue C19 mini beads that will be put into the
last container. That is my final container, I’ll stick the magnet on later and that is a hundred and seventy eight thousand mini beads put into their new containers. To display
all of these beautiful colors onto the wall back here I’ve got this huge metal
white board, it’s a magnetic board so theoretically, if I just do this, it should stick ooh it’s heavy All of them should stick on say like
this but I’m going to secure my whiteboards onto the wall first before I
rearrange all this. Obviously one board isn’t enough to put a hundred and
seventy eight containers onto it so I got three of these and I made sure
that they were all together in a row but separated a little bit in between. And
now the final part of this project is just to display all of the colors. Before
we put these containers onto the boards I sorted them based on their colors
according to this color chart so it kind of has like a dripping effect and this
will be the left side all the way to the right and I’m going to divide them up
into three boards so there’ll be six columns on each board and there will be
some more white space in between them. But this is what it looks like all
together. I was so happy to look at this and I am so happy now just editing this
video because it looks so good I love looking at colors, it’s exactly what I
imagined. We’ve reached the final step of the project, putting up all of the
containers onto the magnetic board. At first I was afraid that the magnets
weren’t strong enough to hold up the containers but it’s not that heavy since
the beads are so light and everything just came together. I just needed to make
sure that all of the containers were lined up in a straight line and with
that done I now have my completed Artkal mini C Series bead wall! BEAUUUUTIFUL! So that is my mini bead wall,
on this wall there are a hundred seventy eight thousand beads in one hundred and
seventy eight containers. All of them are labeled with their color codes so
anytime I use one I can just look at what color this is and if I run out of
them, I can get more from Artkal and let them know what colors I need. Thanks so
much for making it to the end of this video, I know that was a lot of footage
of me just pouring beads into their containers
but the sound of it is so satisfying and I just have a lot of extra footage that
I think you would enjoy if you just listen to the beautiful sounds of beads
falling into their container. I also want to give a quick shout out to Doris and
Fan from Artkal for giving me all of these supplies to make this bead wall.
Without them it would just be three white boards and Blank Nothing Boring- ness They’re also helping me with another giveaway where I will choose three lucky
winners this time so each winner will receive 10,000 Artkal C series mini
beads, the same beads that I used to make this wall. Here’s what the prize package
will look like, there will be 10,000 C series mini beads with different colors
that I chose, a tweezer, a mini bead pegboard and some ironing film. So to enter this
giveaway, all you have to do is make sure you’re subscribed to me on YouTube and
in my description I have a Google Form that you just have to fill out and
you’ll be entered to win one of the three prize packages. This giveaway will
end in a week or so, I’ll put the exact date in the Google Form and in the
description so make sure to check it out before it closes. Just like last time,
I’ll be the one choosing the winners and Artkal will be shipping it out. Once the
giveaway ends I will be emailing the winners directly and they will just have
to provide me an address and shipping information so that I can give it to Artkal and then they will ship your prize over. I’ll also announce the winner back in
the comments of this video so if you haven’t heard back, then you can see who
won in the comments below. Anyway I’m really excited to
see who wins and I hope whoever wins will enjoy their new set of mini beads
and supplies. Anyway that’s it from me for now, I’ll see you guys next time
with another QDCraft! Bye!


OMG ,…… what a good idea, love it. Thanks QDCrafts for all the amazing idea.
By the way …. Happy New Year 2020.

Why is your handwriting so beautiful? I’m totally not jealous or anything…
I also really enjoy the end result! It’s very aesthetic!

I'm so jealous that you have so many beads and you're trying to fill them in the containers and labeling them

so satisfying for me and still love your videos(≧ω≦)/
my beads are in the containers but I label them ROYGBIV and brown,black,and white it's a 3 by 3 container

I haven’t visited your channel in a while, and I’m so happy you are still doing this. Your organization is beautiful and you deserve more attention !!

Meanwhile I’m here sorting every single bead because I buy the big buckets of perler brand and never buy the single bags

that looks really awesome its really nice that Arkal is doing all that for you that is a really great company keep it up

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