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Look how big that spider is that was
hiding behind them shelves! Thank god it’s dead! Oh my god
terrifying! hello everyone and welcome *Intro Music* Hello everyone! And welcome back to my channel. Recently I’ve been
feeling rather restless. And that’s because the studio is just getting a
little bit too cramped, a little bit too crazy and too busy, surprisingly enough!
So I thought I would have a really good rejig, resort, decorate, make it a
million times better and give me some more space as well, because at the moment
I feel kinda backed into a corner and I have to drag my chair over and it’s just
a pain in the arse basically. And normally I would do this all off-camera and then
just surprise you’re in one video, but I thought you would be quite interested to
see the entire process, and see what it’s like to rejig and change everything
over. And as you can see what the studio looks like at the minute there’s some
shelving up which kind of blocks my entrance into my desk. All my recording
areas kind of shoved in one corner, and there are like a million holes in my
walls. Which was my own fault! And don’t worry the crafts are still gonna go back
up once I’ve taken them all down, and sorted the walls out. But I’ve got some
ambitious plans so hopefully it’s all gonna work out. So I guess we’ll start
with the first step and move EVERYTHING off this back wall, take it all down. I’m
gonna do that now… I’m regretting it already and I haven’t even started! *Funky Music* Look how big that spider is that was
hiding behind them shelves! Thank god it’s dead! Oh my god
terrifying! I’m completely struggling where to put everything, there’s too much
stuff! This is the problem with being a hoarder you just can’t get rid of things!
I’ll find a way, I’ll find a way don’t worry! *Funky Music* One lot of shelves down, one more to go!
I’m nakerd already! *Funky Music* Well I’ve just moved that second shelf
to the back of the studio, and I was worried it wasn’t gonna fit
but it has, it’s fit perfectly! So that’s good, the only thing is… I’ve got this
stupid thing and I have no idea where I can put it, so I think I’ll have to
figure that out last. At least it’s on wheels! *Funky Music* *Scary Music* *Thunder Sounds* *Peaceful Music* Right the shelving’s sorted and I’ve finally
found a place for everything. And now it’s time to tackle… Allll my crafts! But this
should be easier than the shelves so…… I’m not too mad! *Funky Music* And if you were curious to know about the pressed leaves that I did in an episode of blind Pinterest
challenge, I can’t remember which one. But they’re still alive! They’re still
actually living in there! I’m quite surprised they haven’t rotted yet! My
little tiny subscriber sticker. Go subscribe!! *Funky Music* *THUD* I’m just gonna have to quickly
Google how to get wall plugs out because they are not coming out! At all! Well
apparently you just use a screw and then yank it out so… soon find out!… Hey it
worked! Definitely works! *Funky Music* Look at all the screws and nails that
were in my wall there were so many! And all of these wall plugs, and the damage
is quite significant! There’s quite a few holes in there. That’s off something else. So
this is gonna be a little bit of a job for me.
But I am absolutely loving how much space I’ve got to work with, so I think
it’s gonna look really good. But I’m gonna have my lunch first and
then we’ll get on with filling all these holes up, sanding it all down, and then
hopefully I can get painting today as well. But we’ll soon find out! Right I’m back
from my lunch and I thought I’d give you a little tutorial on how to fill holes
in your wall. Just in case you didn’t know how to do it it’s really, really,
easy. Okay so for this all you need is some poly filler, and I think it costs
about two quid it’s not expensive at all. And you’re just trying to take a little
bit on your finger, you can use a spatula if you want but I find a fingers a lot
easier. Find the hole that you want to cover, and you just smear it in, and try
to get it as smooth as possible. And don’t worry if it’s too lumpy because
you’ll be sanding this all down anyway. In fact I’m gonna get a spatula because
I think it’s gonna, it’s gonna be easier! Normally my fingers fine but these are
pretty deep holes so… And there we go hole filled! Now I just have to do it for
however many hundred holes are in this bloody wall! *Funky Music* Right so that’s the walls all filled up
now, and I need to wait a couple more hours and then we can move on to the
next step. Right so the poly fillers all dry now and it’s ready for sanding, and
it’s my least favorite job! Sand paper for some reason, the touch of it, it makes
us cringe so hard! Just get it out the way with! *Funky Music* Right that’s done, and that was
definitely the worst part so far, I hated it! So I’m going to tidy up, put
some protective stuff down on the studio floor, and then we get to painting. Right I’m
all set to paint and I’ve decided to go for a mint macaroon, or macaron? I’m not
sure how you pronounce that. I know it’s them little biscuits. And I think it’s
gonna be quite a nice color, I didn’t want to paint the studio too crazy or
too bright, because I didn’t want to give anyone a headache.
Hopefully anyway because… I’m not gonna paint it again. And by the way don’t
comment on my painting technique because I’m not a decorator I’m an
artist okay! *Funky Music* *Camera Click* *Funky Music* Well I think that’s me pretty much done
for today. I’m absolutely knackered! I don’t know
whether these walls are gonna need a second coat, I’m pretty sure that they
going to. Is it the best paint job I’ve ever seen?… No. Is it the worst paint job
I’ve ever seen?… It might be I don’t know! But once it’s dry it might look amazing,
you never ever know, it may not even need a second coat! Well I’ll catch up with
you tomorrow if I decide to do stuff tomorrow. I might not, it might be next
week, who knows? I’ll see you when I see you! Well it’s a new day in the studio and I’ve just been for a run, so I look very
disheveled, and a sweaty hot mess! Pretty gross but just ignore it! And the paint
jobs turned out quite well actually, I’m quite pleased with myself, and my
abilities. The colour definitely isn’t mint. It’s more of a baby blue, but it is
still patchy so I’m gonna have to do a second coat, and that should just even
it all out and then we should be able to start organizing it and putting things
back up, and all the good stuff! So let’s start painting…Again! *Funky Music* Right I think that’s pretty much the
painting finish now. If it still looks patchy tomorrow.. I don’t care I’ll cover
it with crafts! I think there still are gonna be a few marks where I’ve had
bigger holes in the wall, and especially where I’ve had them tape marks. What I
like to call them is memories… mm-hmm Yep, yep. The imperfections on your
walls are just memories of times before… I don’t even believe my own shit!….. Ahh, bollocks! Well it’s a new week in the
studio and I’ve been busy assembling this shelving unit, which I thought would
look nice for all my crafts and give me a lot more space as well for them all. It
only took me several hours to assemble… Worth it! And I also need to put all the
crafts back on the wall, and I’ve got some command hooks, not sponsored or
anything like that but I’ve seen them advertised on the telly. And apparently
you can stick them on your wall and then I don’t know how it works, but you pull
them off, and it doesn’t take away the paint or anything. I am a little bit
skeptical about them because I don’t know whether they’re gonna hold all the
weight for some of the other crafts. So if it does fail or if some of them fail
then my final resort is to just hammer holes in the walls, and screws, and nails
again. But I want to avoid it the best I can! So let’s start the final hurdle. *Funky Music* I maybe’s could have done with a few
more lights, because it’s looking a little bit sparse at the minute but
hopefully, once I put all the crafts up it’ll even it all out?… Fingers crossed! *Funky Music* Right all my crafts are finally up, it took
a lot longer than I thought it was going to! But I think it’s looking really good
I quite like it, and I’ve got more space for more crafts! So I just need to add
some final touches, I’ve got some soft furnishings… It’s just a piece of carpet.
And then I reformat the lighting and the camera angles and all that kind of other
stuff, make sure everything’s looking all right on camera. And then I can do the
full reveal! Yes so that’s the studio makeover completed, and it’s been a long
few days, it really has! I knew it was gonna take me a while to do, but I wasn’t
expecting it to take me quite as long! But I’m really happy with the results. So
this is what the studio looked before… And this is what the studio looks like
now…. And I just think it looks a lot more
colorful, a lot more bright, a lot more welcoming, and it just feels like a
proper recording space now. It feels almost perfect really, there might be a
few things I tweak here and there, but for the most part I’m pretty happy with it!
But hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing the process behind the studio makeover,
and hopefully you like the new studio as much as I like it!
The studio in fact does go way further back there.. but that’s where all the kind
of behind the scenes stuff is, and it’s very messy and very embarrassing so I’m
not gonna show you that part! I’ll just keep you in this side okay! But if you
did enjoy today’s video make sure to give it a thumbs up! And I’ll see you
next week for a brand new video! Byeeee! *Upbeat Music*


Omg where was the spider disclaimer?!!! 😟 thankfully it's not like I've probably walked passed it numerous times 😱
Good work with the studio it's looking great!
Have any of the hoarders tv shows approached you to feature on a show? They might see this and get you on lol xx

D: you should have worn at least goggles and a cheap facemask. Your poor body lmao

There's this book that's amazing and idk if it's your type of thing, but it's hilarious and I think you'll appreciate it too:

U r my inspiration i need to do this to my apartment too which is my studio for crafting and painting:)) Thank u for the cool ideas ill have to remember your suggestion on marks u cant get rid of as memories lol love it!! So glad u posted today!!

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