Artelexia is Sharing the Vibrant Culture of Mexico with the World

When people come into Artelexia, we’re all about the experience. Whether it’s all the different colors, the murals, the music, we want you to come in and
be transported somewhere. (upbeat music) Art in Spanish is arte, and my name is Elexia with an E. Everyone says it with an A, but it’s an E. So I just combined the two. We sell everything from
Mexico and inspired by Mexico. Back in 2009, I happened
to be going down there for a family trip, bought
a whole bunch of product, and brought it back with me, and started out at the farmer’s market. By February 2010, I had
opened my first shop. By having a space, I was
able to do art workshops, events, art shows. We do sugar skull making. We’ll make pinatas. Just last week did our third annual Day of the Dead festival. Little by little, people would
tell their friends about it, or they’d come back and bring a friend. So it was really a fun
way to build my business while sharing one of
the things I love most. (upbeat music) When I first started out, my clientele was mostly older people and now I have a lot of younger people that are looking to connect. They’re looking to understand
more about their culture. We have customers all over the world. They’ll come in and they say, “We go onto your page,
and we see your product, and we love to follow along
and see what you’re doing.” It’s constantly evolving and changing. Just recently, I was going
down all my vine trips and posting about it, and
people would constantly say, “Take us with you. Where should we go, what should
we eat, what should we do?” I organized a trip to
Oaxaca for 14 people, and it sold out, and I took
them down there for a week. So they’re week-long craft
and culinary tours to Mexico. These trips are so touching, and the people that you meet and the experiences that
you get to live through, people just are being brought to tears ’cause they’re happier, they’re touched about something they’re
experiencing with us. When I close these doors, I still live a very Artelexia life. My home looks like this. The events I work on look like this. It’s very much my life. So that has all really,
I think, shaped me. This is my happy place.

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I enjoy #IconsofOurTribe I am from Mexico and I am glad that someone can share our culture with others and also can take advantage of it.

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