♪ If you got nothin’ to do ♪ ♪ Well I’ve got a couple
of tricks for you ♪ ♪ So take a look at these vids ♪ ♪ ‘Cause it’s Life
Hacks For Kids ♪ – I’m Jordyn and today’s
episode is Art Cheat Hacks. (cheerful music) When I think of the art
I wanna create up here, it’s a masterpiece! But when it gets on paper, sometimes it’s a disaster-piece. So, today’s hacks will turn you into the artist
you strive to be. First up, impress your friends
with an amazing portrait with this pop art
painting (smacks lips). For this you’ll need a black
and white copy of a photo, a bright piece of paper,
a frame, toothpicks, a cotton swab,
paintbrushes, white paint, and one dark color. Place the photo in the frame. (soft music) Now, take the white paint and paint the whites
of the eyes, teeth, and any other bright
spots in white. Now, take your dark color and outline the face, hair, and all the other features. Add a little white
to your darker color to make a lighter shade. Now paint any shadowed
areas in this color. See how it’s a little darker
on the edge of my face and around the eyes? Also, this shirt
is a darker color. Now, mix more white paint
to create a lighter tone. Fill in the rest of
the face and body. Now take the glass,
turn it over, and put it back in the frame. Put the colored paper behind it and the frame back together. There, you just became pop art! When they ask how you became
such an amazing artist, tell them that you can trace
it back to this portrait. (imitates joke
punch line rim shot) (laughs) (slide whistling) Next, a true artist
can make art anywhere, even during a boring math class. And now, you can too
with this easy 3D sketch! For this you’ll need
paper, a pencil, a ruler, and an eraser. Draw a rectangle. (cheerful music) Now draw vertical
lines in the rectangle. Draw nine vertical lines. Draw a diagonal line
between the first two lines. And then straight across
between the next two lines. Repeat. Color in every other box. Now shadow across this edge
and blend with your finger. And finally, color
in this section. These stairs look so real, you might try to use
them to escape class. Doot, doot, doot,
doot, doot, bye! Now that you’ve got
new drawing skills, it’s time to try to
actually draw a portrait. Don’t worry, you’ll
have plenty of help with this pictograph hack! For this you’ll need a
ruler, a pen, a pencil, a picture you wanna copy, and a piece of paper. First, draw a one-inch grid
onto the picture you’re copying. (light cheerful music) Now, make the same grid lightly
in pencil on your paper. Using a pen, start
with a square, and draw only what you
see in that square. Now move on to the next square. Continue until you fill
in all the squares. Now erase the pencil lines. It looks just like my dog! I’ll call you Mona Hacks-a. Or Hacker Lisa? (chuckles) I hope you enjoyed
making hack-ter-pieces too. Bye! (dinging music)

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