Ann Coulter – Behind the Curtain with Jack Burkman Ep 2018 #38

Welcome to another edition of behind the curtain remember. I’m not a reporter. I’m not even a talk-show host. I’m a lobbyist I’m out there on K Street the happy hours getting you information six days a week Bringing you information that nobody else has you won’t hear it on MSNBC CNN not even on Fox know where what a show we’ve got this We are we have our friend Ann Coulter joining us to talk about all things in the news with Larry claimed it will join us Talking about kaleesh Khalid. I always forget the guy the terrorist named Khalid Sheikh Mohammed who’s still singing sitting at Gitmo? Wait till you hear the fiasco that has become Gitmo. Trump’s got to clean that up We’ll talk about Europe falling apart Europe with Harrop immigration has fallen apart, but it happened before the eighth century We’ll tell you all about that, but first up Ann Coulter joining us and welcome. Thank you. All right Now you’ve got your 12 time bestselling author your latest book how many? This makes it 30 Wow You know how the Trump hating left loss is collective mind and this is out now. Yes Yes, just came out just long enough to make the New York Times bestsellers list We only need like 36 hours or something to be number one, right? So you need an right But I do write excellent books unlike Most books on the best sellers list I write them myself. I research them myself. I don’t have a ghostwriter and I’m amazed I’m amazed actually write them yourself. I can’t imagine the celebrity of your renown sitting down and writing Very few books on the bestsellers lists are written by the authors. Certainly not you’d say the author But they are the most fun to research and especially for a book like this What got me thinking about writing this book it isn’t it? Isn’t your standard? Just you know, what’s happening. What’s in the news? But I obsessively watch watch the resistance media ie ABC NBC CBS MSNBC CNN. I read the New York Times every day Because I don’t know I have a genetic defect or something and I don’t think there are many people doing that who are saying? It tends to be people go to media by and large probably both sides more for confirmation than information so I started to notice things about the resistance like how they It’s perfect Let me offer you this. Let me offer you this and I’ll see if you agree It would seem to me that this might be the first time in US history since the Civil War Where one side of the other views the current regime as the illegitimate, is that accurate? Is that too sweeping I Don’t know I mean, I think there are other things to be said about it there I can’t remember a time. Where a losing political candidate claims she was he or she was joining the resistance shortly after losing normally the losing candidate in in a democracy such as ours calls itself or himself The loyal opposition right now Hillary called herself the resistance. That’s a militant about it like going back I’m grass, you know back 150 years, but it’s hard. I mean, maybe there was a time We’re forgetting even if you look at Watergate in the depths of Watergate. The left never said the government under Nixon was illegitimate But now this is something we’re even even people like Bob Woodward have thrown in their lot with the absolute far left crazies And they’re overtly suggesting the Trump shouldn’t be there. Then we see yesterday this there was a rash of violence You’ve got a the GOP office in Wyoming being burned. Did you see that some kids GOP candidate West was stabbed somewhere I mean this is this is a different time yes, as I was saying if to have the loyal opposition declare itself using a military term the resistance and If Trump and said that it would have been seen as a dog whistle to the right-wing Militias to the KKK he’d be on trial right now particularly if that had in fact been Accompanied by right-wing violence against Hillary Clinton supporters, but knows is considered normal There are plenty of things to complain about with Trump, I forget what you said in your introduction So Guantanamo, one of the things Trump’s to-do list Honda’s are pretty long to-do list, but it’s not getting done there really isn’t much media about the things Trump is not doing because the left has decided to just turn itself into fools and Lunatics and that they have no no no embarrassment about about being humiliated and looking ridiculous Let me ask you this. No Strange things that Trump Campaigned on let me ask you this. These are strange times and despite the good economy and Republicans might lose the house this fall Is there a chant one of my favorite and culture columns and I like so many of them But you said Trump priorities. It was about a year ago a year and half ago You said build the wall build the wall build the wall build the wall. Remember that one? I and I I thought that might have been a good guideposts for him Do you think Trump could pay face a primary because there hasn’t been a wall. I Think you could face impeachment because there hasn’t been a wall. I mean except for the craziness the only thing That is saving the Republicans that could be saving the Republicans at this point is the lunacy of the left And the outbreak of violence And their lack of logic and and double standards and just changing positions from moment to moment every week is this is Trump’s worst week ever and I’m literally shaking because he’s Literally Hitler it could well be that that will end up galvanizing the Republican base But at the moment their base is white-hot and there’s a lot for Trump’s pace to be Disappointed in let me ask you this. Bob Woodward. Let’s look at this Woodward book thing. What are you surprised? Am I surprised with Woodward over the years is that people take him? Seriously shouldn’t he just be regarded as a novelist? Why did he take him? Seriously? I heard anyone right now any Any ridiculous creature? Suddenly become a star by joining up with the resistance. I mean, have you ever heard of Charlie Sykes before? No, did you want to see Steve Schmidt or or Rick Wilson or oh? That’s the moment the most ridiculous on Richard painter who is featured in my book Are any of these people attractive Interesting. Are they saying anything new? No, it’s of course not Trump is so awful. He’s terrible. We’ve got to impeach That’s all you need to do and you can be on TV too and everyone knows that Omarosa knows it. We’ll find out we’ll find out in a few weeks Who wrote that that anonymous op-ed in the New York Times. I say it was Jared if it wasn’t here Low-level person or or you know minor functionary who wants to be the next Omarosa It’s it’s not very hard to figure out. I mean the left can go crazy on Fox News and You know how the girls on Fox News had to submit themselves to Bill O’Reilly Well, you know if they’re willing to do that They’re certainly willing to come out and call Trump a poopyhead or whatever He needs to be called to make a lot of money on a book and a TV career Let me ask you this while I have you know about a minute and a half left Cavanaugh voter the Dems gonna succeed In delaying this give me your Cavanaugh prediction. What’s gonna happen? No idea. I Don’t know. It’s it’s it could be closer than thought I mean if you delay it I worry if it gets delayed until January then what happens then? I think we’ve got to get it done now or we could be in trouble Yeah Okay closing time here the budget you have a shot prediction on shutdown I want your predictions well I have you prediction time No idea no interest. Okay, no interest. Let me guess. All right fair point. I’m not putting my hope in Mitch McConnell I don’t know why President Trump. All right fair point let me okay. Let me ask you this the midterms do we hold the house? I don’t know No thoughts not on predictions. I’m talking about a book What if I missed what if I miss to the resistor baby on Election Day? Will there be three green cars to go to go past the polling place Well, those are a rain is rain may it may come down to rain if it’s close. I actually know stuff You well, Jesus. What are you a substance person? Yes, I am a boring predictions are for morons. Oh, how boring okay So, what did I miss with your homeless person? Who’s gonna win? is there gonna be a blue wave you never get called on your predictions anyway, and Coulter if we’re real lucky we’ll be able to have you back again I can’t get her into predictions, but you got to get her latest book Resistance is futile how the Trump hating left has lost its collective mind and thank you so much if we’re lucky We’ll see you again. Well coming up next our friend Larry Clayman joins us to talk all about Gitmo. Stay tuned You

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