Amy Poehler’s Hilarious Reaction To Meeting Librarian Nominated For A Leslie Knope Award

(Crowd cheering) – That’s the most applause
anyone’s ever had. – Oh my gosh. It’s downhill from here. – No, that was amazing. – What a cool studio. – [Kelly] Thank you. – What a nice audience. – I tried to make it
comfy and cozy and light. – Yeah. You can feel it, you can feel it. – [Kelly] Yeah, okay. – I love your show, congratulations. – Oh, thank you. (Crowd cheering) – I wish I had chocolate, we’ll
give you chocolate out here. – Yeah. – It was really good, I was like, alright I can’t eat all of that. Um. (giggles) So have you heard, because
I know that your character from Parks and Rec, what you
were talking about earlier, has inspired a lot of
people, that a library, was nominated for a Leslie Knope award. Have you heard about this? – Wow. That’s so cool. (applause) – Like, it’s one of those
things that’s kind of funny cause it’s like funny, like for the show, but it’s also really cool. – Very cool. I mean, if
anyone watches the show, they’ll know that um, we hate libraries. (Kelly laughs) – And Leslie Knope will never ever. – That’s why I’m saying, it’s
funny but it’s inspiring. – And I’m glad the library
thinks they’re so great, (laughs) – But you’re not. – We had a very funny thing on the show, where the Parks and Rec
department is just like, the library was always our problem. Which really made us laugh. – Yeah – My parents were public school teachers. – [Kelly] Yah mine. – Libraries, big deal growing up. We have to support our libraries so how fantastic, so cool. – [Kelly] Yeah. And we actually, would
you like to say, hi, we’ve been talking to Ohio and they actually have one of them. This is Leanne, the librarian
who’s actually nominated. – Oh my god, hi Leanne. – [Kelly] And she’s a big fan. – [Amy] Leanne!
Hi, what oh, right here. – That’s right. Leanne, she’s a librarian at the Bexley Public Library, right? – Yes, that’s correct. Yes. We were nominated for an Knope award, which of course is so exciting. One of our patrons nominated us and librarians, we make up
probably the entire fandom of Parks and Rec. So, that’s pretty awesome.
Yah, we’re really excited. – Now, Leanne, is your mom disappointed that you turned out to be a librarian? (laughs) – Yah, you know what, actually I have a
background in art history, so being a librarian was
the better option, I guess. (laughs)
(applause) – That’s so amazing. Well Leanne, do you want
to say anything to Amy? I know you’re a fan. – Oh yeah, we have a big, bone to pick, with Leslie Knope about her
opinion about libraries, ah. But no, for real, this is crazy, because I actually have a picture of Leslie Knope on my desk, at work. So, it’s really crazy to see you in person and thank you so much
for all of the support, for libraries and for local
government and legislations. (applause) – That’s so sweet. – Thank you, thank you. – She’s awesome. You’re awesome. – Thank you so much Leanne! – So I saw you driving with your dad. (grunts) – No, I think you look
cool behind the wheel. – Hmm. – I can’t wait to drive. By the time I’m done
riding my bike to protest, I am too tired to march. (laughs loud) – Dial it down dude. – I got this (laughs loud). – Who knows? Maybe, someday you’ll be able to give me a ride somewhere. (rock music)
(wall crashes) – Hopa, smash! – I’ve come to ask for your
daughter’s hand in marriage. – Well, that sounds wonderful. (fighting) – Why? – He was going to say yes! – I couldn’t take that chance. – You’re so cool. (applause)
(laughs) – Hey there, I’m kicking
it with Amy Poehler, y’all, and that was a clip from her new animated show “Duncanville”. Which you can watch Sunday nights, on Fox. Is there real life inspiration
(laughs) for this show? – I am so excited for this show, because I do the voice of Duncan, who’s like a very average teenage boy, who thinks everything is lame. And then, his mom, Annie, who is hyper, aware, nervous for him and always kind of yelling at him. And it’s a really, it’s really fun to yell at yourself. – Yeah – And that. – Because you played the son and the mom. – I play the son and mom and that clip Rashida
Jones plays the girl, I have a crush on and, you know, in life and in the show. – Yeah, yeah. – And ah, it’s just so fun. It was created by me and Mike Scully, and Julie Scully, who
worked on The Simpsons. – [Kelly] Yeah. – And I think, I think
y’all are gonna love it. – Oh my God, it’s funny. (applause) – So how do you, because
I have a teenage boy. – Yeah. – In my house. So how do you, how do you even want to go in there? – Well, yah. – In that mind. – Well, you know what’s so funny is, when I start to do his voice. He does a lot of like, he’s like, Oh, he’s like really frustrated, like. – [Kelly] Yeah. – He’s like, everything
feels like, so lame. – I’m having like, PTSD,
right now? (laughs) – Yes and everything is like ah, like, the smallest thing to take the dish to the sink takes forever. – Yah, I simply asked you to rinse it off. – He’s so exhausting. – I didn’t ask you to walk on the moon. Yeah, just rinse it off. – Just rinse it. – Yeah. Parents everywhere will be like, this is my new jam. (laughs) – But, you also have a really
rad project that I love, it’s called Smart Girls. – Yeah. – So this started like years ago, – Many years ago, over 10 years ago. (applause) – Yeah, thank you. – That’s really cool. For those of you who
don’t know what it is. – It’s like an online
community, that we started, Meredith Walker and I,
started many years ago, and it’s just kind of a
place for people to, it’s, you know, to meet like minded people, and we try to promote the stories of interesting young people who are, you know, changing the
world by being themselves. So, we, It started as an online show, and we kind of wanted
to create something that we would’ve liked to have joined and watch when we were younger. – Yeah. – But, you know, I think
there’s something really special about, taking the
temperature of young people, listening to what they care
about, amplifying their voices, all that stuff. – Yeah. – So, it’s an attempt to do all of that. – I think it’s incredibly progressive, especially when you started it. Now, it’s like, you know, there’s a lot of more things like that, but, that was you, way ahead of the game. – Yeah, we did. And, and you know, it started, I used to just
interview young people and just ask them stuff like, what’s it like to be a sister? What’s it like to you know, you know, why are you interested in bugs? Like. – Yeah. – Anytime anybody talks about
what they’re interested in, they’re interesting people, so, it’s just kind of just. – It’s their passion. – Building up what
they’re passionate about. – Yeah. – Yeah. So, it’s been a really great. – That’s super cool. And super, just following you,
you’ve such a big spotlight and you’re such an idol, to a lot of women and little girls, like, you’re hilarious and
you’re funny and you’re smart And you’re all the things that, you know, all of us moms want our
girls to grow up to be like, so, it’s really cool that you
use your spotlight for that. – Thanks Kel. – [Kelly] I’m just saying
it’s superhero-like. So. – You’re the idol mam. You’re the American Idol.
(laughs) Okay. (laughs) – So wait, what, one
thing, well, before idol, one thing we have in common
is you waited tables, right? – Yes. – So me too. – Okay. Yeah, I feel like we have
a lot of similarities. And were you good waitress? Do you think? – I was a great waitress? – Me too. – I was yeah, I was. I was pretty good. – I’m just saying. Thank you. – Yeah. – I can tell. – Yeah. – I And I. – I was working for that tip girl. – Oh, 100%. (laughs) And um, and I know that you
like, you enjoy your wine. – I really do, Amy. – Yeah. – I really do. (applause) – Now do you guys, have it? – I heard that you have, like, a thing, like, a whole thing you
used to do with wine. – Well, I’m still kind
of proud of the fact, and I mean, of course I’m
gonna screw it up now, Because I’m doing it on TV. But I’m kind of proud of the fact, that I can open a bottle of wine and tell you about the specials and distract you from the fact, that I’m not doing a great
job opening the wine. (laughs loudly) – You’re an actor. – Because, you know those couple times, when you’ve been opening wine and then the cork, like, you
get half, and you’re, like, and you’re like, just one second, I just have to check
something in the kitchen and you go ah! Like with a knife. Like. – Luckily, you worked at nice places. I worked at a comedy club and so, mine were like. – There was no. – It was whiskey, and. – Yeah. – It was, but you know
what, I happened to, I mean, it’s weird, interesting, but. (laughs) – I happened to have some fine ACME wine. I think we’ve hidden some,
some stuff to help you out. – What do we have under here? – I mean, let’s celebrate? – Oh my goodness. – Lets celebrate. – Okay, amazing. – Okay. [Group] Okay. – Here’s your wine glass. – I say we celebrate Smart Girls. – Yes, lets do it. Let’s do it. Yes, let’s shout out. – I never had to do this as a waitress. I would have vomited,
’cause I have nerves. – You never had to do this. – No, I’m seriously, it
was not fancy at all. Nobody ordered.
– So you had to be like. They ordered Bud Light, Amy. (laughs) So you never took the Bud Light, and you never showed it to them like this. – Would you like a Bud Light? – I don’t know what we’re drinking here. This looks like somebodies good wine. Okay. – Okay. – All right. – Let’s do it. – So, um, just a couple
specials we have today. – Okay.
(laughs) Do you have any pasta? – We do. We have a
delicious gnocchi, the chef. – Is it gluten free? I’m that person. – We can make it gluten free. We can make it gluten free or we can tell you its gluten free and you’ll never know the difference. – Exactly.
(applause) Until I’m bloated the next day (laughs). (applause) – Yeah, let’s see, we
have a branzino tonight, that’s amazing, its served
fully, fully not cooked. (laughs) – And you have to cook it yourself. – It’s like a Benihana. – Yeah, we have to go
catch it but its so fresh. (laughs) – Don’t you love fishing? (giggles) – We have, what else do we have today? We have a roasted sirloin? – Oh, with like, possibly some risotto? – Yeah, we have risotto. – Risotto. – With risotto.
– Yeah. – With risotto ice cream,
which is like weird but good. – Risotto ice cream, but I’m into it. – Weird but good. – Yeah. – And then, like, also
I’m tryna help you out. (cheering) – Do you have bread? – We do have bread. – Yes. – Yeah. – Gimme some bread, like a prapancha? – You know what’s so
interesting about bread? (laughs) – You know what’s so interesting. Look over here. You know what’s so interest about bread? Is, it really fills you up. – It does. – Yeah – To where you don’t even
have to eat the meal. – No. – You’re just like Jesus, bread and wine. – So, um, okay. Let me
guess your birthday. – Okay. (laughs) – You must be a Taurus. (cheering)
(applause) – Okay. – Okay – And now – Yeah. – I don’t, I don’t make
friends drink alone. – Oh my God. – So, I’ll definitely have this with you. – I’m gonna go, this is
gonna make me go night-night. I can’t wait. – Okay. (laughs) – Is that so wrong though, a nap. – No. – No. (laughs)
(applause) – Hmm, ooh. – it’s nice and the tones of oak and amber. – Oak and amber. – Yes. – So, thanks to my
friends at ACME fine wine for the Matt Morris heritage blend. It’s actually really great. – It’s really great Matt
Morrison. And really good job. (laughs) – Really good job. – Oh my God, it’s great. – You can catch Amy on
Duncanville, Sunday nights, on Fox, if you’re cool.


Kelly I just love your show that's all I can say I love that you bring in pets so people can adopt I just brought me to tears we just lost our black lab but we still have his brother and he's yellow Leo thank you for for bringing them on and helping them find new homes and other things and thank you for being you

Kelly and Amy just love you to laugh and cry almost in tears I'm from Wine Country in Upstate New York in fact we have on my side was like where we live probably about 90 wineries and probably at least 20 places that brew beer in the area now so it's fun to watch you have a me open a bottle of wine thanks for the giggles

i was totally watching Amy open that wine! because i dread those kind of bottle openers, have never been able to make it work! only use the winged corkscrews – but now i'll give it another try!πŸ‘πŸ‘

Pawnee's library department are the most diabolical, ruthless bunch of bureaucrats I've ever seen. They're like a biker gang, but instead of shotguns and crystal meth, they use political savvy and shushing.

My god, that librarian stepped out of the 70's with that hair. I'm normally hesitant when a woman does a show where they play a boy because it comes across as nothing but negative and rather hateful towards men. However Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the exception to the rule. They know how to make a show that appeals to all, regardless of sex.

I work in a university library, and I have a Leslie Knope quote on my office door and the Leslie Knope Funko Pop by my computer. πŸ˜€

Parks and Rec will forever be my favorite tv show! when it gets taken off of Netflix I will cry and mourn but then find a way to keep watching it religiously. Because it could be the 10th time watching and I'll still be laughing at every joke.

I am a better person because of Amy Poehler's performance as Leslie Knope. I take better care of the people around me because of her. I attack problems with more enthusiasm, confidence, and faith.

My friend has a picture of himself as a kid with Amy when she was waitressing at a restaurant named Chadwicks in Massachusetts.


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