Amy Poehler Gets Teary Over Dramatic Classroom Makeover

– Nice to see you. – Hi. – Oh, my God. I’m so excited. I love teachers. So, tell us about your students, ’cause she told us a
little about your school. – So, first off, our students
are just absolutely amazing. I’m gonna cry. – Oh, it’s okay, I cry all the time. Welcome. – So we serve students 14-21, and in Ohio, they have
until they’re 21 to earn a high school diploma free before they would have to
go on and get their GED. And so we serve 14-21 year olds. We serve 99% African-American. We serve 100% free lunch. – Wow.
– We have 63 students who are teen parents. Several students who have dropped out, they’re choosing to come back despite all the barriers
that they go through… – Hurdles.
– …such as homelessness. It’s raw. It’s gritty. But they are fighters and they persevere. – And education is key. – Yes.
– Yeah. Education is the door to
the not being homeless. – Absolutely.
– The difference between having a job and not having a job. – Absolutely, and if
it truly wasn’t for us, myself, the other teachers, the admin, our founder, Mr. Gregory.. – The idea of this school in general. – …I don’t know where they’d be. So if it wasn’t for us– – That’s amazing. It’s really cool. (audience clapping) So you wrote Britney for
a classroom makeover, why? What was your classroom looking like? – Very boring. Small, windowless. – [Kelly] Windowless. – Windowless, yes. And so, being a public charter school, we receive funding from the state, but it’s a fraction of what
public schools would receive and so every dollar we
stretch to make sure that that dollar goes back into
the students education, the teachers. So having, you know,
extra money for supplies– – It’s not really there. – It’s not really there, exactly. So I reached out to Britney several times. – You’re like, “No, really. Please.” – Yeah, I was like,
“Please, please pick me.” Pick our school and
showcase this and we’ve been to several homes and just
seeing where they come from, and so knowing that
they’re going to come into a space, hopefully, that blows their mind and happy…
– [Kelly] Happy. – … and safe and just beautiful. – And creative. All your rooms have a lot of color. It’s beautiful. It’s just amazing what you do. So, Britney has a surprise
for Kristen, I think. – Yeah. So, you know that we have
been working together for the past few weeks, kind of talking about
what you in a classroom. But what you don’t know
is that 48 hours ago, my team and I completely
flipped your classroom without you knowing. (crowd cheering) Yes and you’re about to see it live on The Kelly Clarkson Show. – So are you ready to see it? I’m ready to see it. All right, let’s go, right here. Let’s go back to our good
friend, Cameron Fontana, from ABC 6 Columbus, who’s standing by the Academy For Urban Scholars High School. Hi, Cameron. – Hey, Kelly. Kristen, you have walked
through this door for 10 years seeing your classroom look one way. Here it is, your brand new classroom. (crowd cheering) – Oh, my God. Oh, my gosh. Here you go. Here you go. It’s so beautiful.
– It doesn’t even look like the same building. – [Kelly] Oh, my Gosh. Okay, wait, Britney. – The art on the walls, Kelly, the new furniture here, the computers, I mean, this classroom even
has a green velvet couch. Is this not incredible? And look at this, most importantly, all the lives that are changed here, this quote on the wall, “It always seems impossible
until it’s done,” by Nelson Mandela. The lives that’ll be changed in this room. – [Kelly] Wow.


I’m gonna be honest, that just doesn’t look like a functional classroom at all. It feels more like a living room or something

Sorry but NO.
It does look beautiful but as a person who has some attention deficit issues I think there are too many things on the walls! I could never be prolific with the gigantic asymmetric quote in front of me!

I cried big tears on this one. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ positively, impacting young people’s lives❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Kelly don't embarrass your guest by saying "hurdle's" correcting them, we 👌👌understood what "barriers" means, it's the same. 👌👌and she's a teacher. OMG

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