A First Home Fit for Three Generations

Bill: We lived in a multitude of places, as many as possibly
10 different houses we rented over the last 20 years
we’ve been together, and Shawn decided she wanted
a bigger house. Yes. So I said, I am not moving
unless we buy a home, which neither one of us thought
would ever actually come to pass, it wasn’t possible. We both knew that we had
some outstanding debt and didn’t even know
if we had credit scores. We finally had to come up
with some idea of, “How was it going to happen?” And we literally had no clue. And since we’ve been banking
with the same bank for so many years, we decided to go
to Community Bank and see if we could get someone
to point us in the right direction. Kelly: When they first started
thinking about buying a house their credit needed
to be cleaned up, they also had to start saving
for the down payment, and explaining just how many
expenses there were involved in buying your first home. So, they had to do
a lot of savings. I saw that bright hope that, it’s okay,
we can do this and we’re going to do this. Shawn: There was a lot of hard work and there were days
where I was going to give up and say, “This is not
going to happen” and Kelly was like,
“Everything will work out. It’s going to take some time.” And she gave us
the good advice and I followed what she said and that’s why
Kelly’s very important. Kelly: We build that relationship
with our customers all the time. And I remember the day
of the closing, that was amazing. When the final thing
had been signed, you know, Shawn just broke down
in tears of joy and you couldn’t help
being caught up into the emotion of it all. It means a lot to be
a part of it, especially with
first-time homebuyers because they truly appreciate
what you’ve done for them. You’ve helped them realize
a life dream of being a homeowner. Shawn: Kelly will always
be a part of our lives, as far as the house goes,
because she– She wouldn’t let us give up. No, she would not. It was almost like
she was emotionally invested in– She was emotionally invested. She cried just as much as we did. Bill: She put in a lot of hard work. She put up with us. Shawn: But she made it her goal
just as much as our goal to make our dream come true and it all came true
because of Kelly and Community Bank.

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