7 Awesome Things YOU Can Do With Zip Ties

Zip ties were
invented around 1958 to help secure airplane wiring. But these crazy things have
become second in usefulness only to duct tape. Here are seven awesome ways to
put them to use and maybe save some money. If you’re using zip ties
to tidy up your cables or stow them away for a
bit, it can be a huge pain to cut the cable every time
you want access to your cords. By simply inserting
the band upside down, you’ll still
achieve a weak lock. However, that’s perfect
for this situation. You can easily pop it
off with a quick tug, allowing for re-use and
quick and simple storage. Now, if you need a more
permanent lock that can easily be removed without
snipping, rest assured, there is still a couple ways
to salvage those zip ties without destroying them. If you have some room in the
back, then all you need to do is insert another zip tie. Push the small end directly
into the locking clasp until it comes out
on the other side. Now, just hold it in place
and pull out the locked zip. Now, in some cases, you
don’t have enough room to work around another tie. So that means you need
a full frontal attack. The best object to use for this
is a sewing needle big enough to get your grip on. A small nail could work as well. Simply push the point
into the side of the front and pull back until
it pops the lock down. Now, go ahead and
remove the locked in tie and go about your business. And also keep in mind if you
push the lock down too far, just bend it back up
in place and you’ll end up with a zip tie
that’s as good as new. When it comes to
doing yard work, running out of weed
whacker cord is never fun. However, you can grab
yourself a zip tie and run it directly
through the cable bowl. Make sure the base end is on
the inside and cut it to length. Now, just close it off and
fire up your mighty destroyer of weedy worlds. It’s a simple solution
that won’t last you long, but it will certainly
let you finish the job that you started. If you’ve ever
been in a situation where your paper
binder broke and you need a little immediate fix,
pop your paper out and line it all up nicely on the table. Get yourself three
standard size zip ties. And then run them right
through the holes. Now, you just need to
lock them into place while leaving a little
bit of wiggle room so the pages will
turn nice and smooth. Snip them as close as
possible as you can, and try and avoid the
ever increasing tightness of the loops. Once you’re done, stuff it
in your bag and keep calm, your zip tie binder is complete. And that 45 page dissertation
is ready for peer review. If you have a
broken keyring, just toss on a zip tie for a
nice temporary solution. Just like the paper binder,
make sure you leave enough space for the keys to move around. And then when you get
a chance, replace it with something a
bit more permanent. Now, what about a broken
shower curtain ring? A quick and easy solution is
to block a zip tie into place and get that thing
secured for the next use. Again, you probably want
to pick up a replacement next time you’re at the store. But this will solve the problem
quickly and allow your guests or yourself to shower safely. If your drawer handle
breaks off and you don’t have any screws to
fix it, run one zip tie through each hole with the
large end on the inside. Flip it around back
inside to form two loops. Now, just run one more
zip tie through the loops and clip them off. You now have
yourself a makeshift handle to keep that junk
drawer running smooth. Thanks so much for tuning in. We put out new
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