5th Avenue’s Christmas decorations for 2019 (Part 2: Take a look at all about Fifth Avenue)

Why you shouldn’t come to Fifth Avenue? Look! Because of this situation Can you go around sightseeing properly because of the crowd? At part 1, you can see the Saks Fifth Ave.’s Light Show completely from beginning to end. Rockefeller Center So, I avoided so many crowds, sometimes early, and sometimes in rare times, so I visited several times to make a good video. See the Show Window of Saks Fifth Ave Building, performing Light Show Atlas(The god who is being punished holding up the sky) statue across the street. Two young Salvation Army members dance excitedly so that tourists focus on Salvation Army rather than Atlas statue. There are so many people that it’s hard to get in front of the large Christmas tree, I went there again early in the morning Across the street, you can see Saks Fifth Ave, It’s too early and no one is skating. Rockefeller Plaza, the heart of Rockefeller Center The lights are lit across the street and there are a lot of people. Is there shooting a movie? Yes I got it. They’re doing live TV show on NBC TV If you want to be on TV, you can come out here. hahaha . I’m back to Fifth Ave Even though it’s early morning, the street is already crowded. How is the painting of the street painters? Is it cool? Here are so many painters. In winter, roasted chestnuts on the street are delicious. There are so many different pieces that are made only of paper. The Channel Gardens, in front of Rockefeller Center Is this heaven where angels blow trumpets? People are in a long line. What’s going on here? Where is the end of line? No light show at Saks Fifth Ave in the morning. Aha ~ I see. This long line was waiting to take a picture I rushed a little early (November), and the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center didn’t wear anything. It’s as if the Christmas tree is naked without decorations. Where is this entrance going? I see, it’s the entrance to the ice skating rink. Where does this scene look like? It’s like we’ve seen it in some movie. Prophet, god of fire, prometheus statue It is said that it represents the oil king, Rockefeller. The male god on the left, The goddess on the right side Everybody’s busy taking pictures Even though it’s small rink, just skating in these places will be a great memory. Christmas tree looks nice with ornaments too But there are a lot of people out there already. That’s what Isaiah 33: 6 says in the Bible. Eating while sightseeing is an important part of life. Tired people may have to rest for a while. Lego Cole Haan You see a nice cathedral across the street. It’s like those cathedrals in Europe Tricycle ride St. Patrick’s Cathedral The Atlas statue. It is said to symbolize JP Morgan, the godfather of the financier who paired with Rockefeller. St. Patrick’s Cathedral Compared to European cathedrals, it also looks like a new building, and it’s plainly all white. Let’s walk north to Central Park along Fifth Avenue. A/X H Stern Furla Longchamp VERSACE Cartier Salvatore Ferragamo ROLEX (WEMPE) St. John Microsoft Store Stuart Weitman COACH HOUSE VALENTINO Blancpain Breguet Boutique Harry Winston Omega Boutique Dolce&Gabbana To protect pedestrians from car terrorism, Cement Blocks are built everywhere. Gucci The time now is 4:05 PM TRUMP TOWER Here is the private residence of President Trump Since Trump became president, it became a popular tourist destination. The police commando is on guard. Tiffany now moved to another place. Did you watch the movie, ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’? Today the wind is blowing badly. Louis Vuitton In front of Louis Vuitton, he’s selling fake Louis Vuitton bags. Louis Vuitton Bergdorf Goodman I think he’s going to ski. Bergdorf Goodman Apple Fifth Ave Looking for a good place to stay? Central Park is also next to it, in front of the open square and Fifth Ave. There is no place like this. The Plaza. You’ve reached the far north end of the bustling Fifth Ave. Golden brilliant statue of General Sherman, who made a great contribution during the Civil War Grand Army Plaza From here, head south along Fifth Ave on the west side. Pulitzer Fountain Here’s the Venus statue Bergdorf Goodman The ornaments in the show windows are installed as if looking down from above. Bergdorf Goodman CHANEL BVLGGRI PRADA Abercrombie & Fitch Fifth Ave Presbyterian Church The Peninsula New York SEPHORA Nike dyson Thank you for watching For better videos, click the “Like” and “Subscribe” buttons. I would appreciate it Thank You!

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