52″ Emerson Curva Sky ceiling fan (1 of 3) | How To Activate Rhine Reverse Module W/O Reverse Button

HI, here’s an Emerson Curva Sky fan, running on low speed with a Lutron Skylark 3-speed wall control. I’ll then be showing it on medium and high, then I’ll be showing high updraft. This fan originally came with a 6-speed remote with reverse function, but the receiver isn’t wired. However, the reverse module is still there. When the reverse button, the receiver would have activated the reverse module by turning by turning off, on, off, then on but since there’s no receiver, I would have to do off, on, off, then on manually, and it may take several attempts to succeed. It’s silent, doesn’t wobble, and it blows okay amount of air. (tries to activate reverse module) There, it’s finally reversed. I was expecting it to spin slightly faster on reverse due to less air resistance, but it actually seems slightly slower than downdraft. For me, it’s not that hard to reverse, but for average people in hotel room they have no idea how to reverse. Maybe there should be instruction on how to reverse, if hotel even knows. That’s the three speed wall control. The bottom switch is an on and off switch, and if you turn it off, the fan turns off. It also turns off when the switch is all the way down. Anyways, thanks for watching, and please remember to comment, rate, and subscribe!


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