5 Interior Design Tips for Styling Around Your Recliner

So you’d like to redecorate your living space but you’re afraid to do so because Redecorating around a recliner can seem impossible Imagine sitting in your recliner in a brand new decorated room. In this video, I’m going to walk with you through the five simple steps to blend a recliner into the rest of your room. Hey y’all, I’m Ellie interior designer for La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings and Decor. And I’m here with Furniture Academy. Recliners are very comfortable pieces of furniture and sitting with your feet above heart level provides many health benefits. However, styling around a recliner can be difficult. Thankfully, you can use these simple interior design tips to help build your recliner into the rest of your room. Tip number one, upholster your recliner in a solid color fabric patterns naturally grab your attention So when a guest comes over their eyes directly gonna go to that pattern solid colors can keep guests from noticing the recliner. The color can be bright or neutral just as long as it’s a solid color. Incorporate your patterns in pillows rugs or your accessories. Tip number two, corner off your recliner. Design the layout of your room with the recliner in the corner if at all possible. Most recliners can still fully recline when positioned against a wall. If not take a look at La-Z-Boy Wall Away recliners Tip number three, offset your recliner with tables lamps and accessories. Add a small table with a lamp and an accessory to help connect the recliner to the rest of the room Big pieces typically stand out without anything around them Tip number four, consider a push back or a high leg recliner like the one behind me. High leg recliners offer a modern style and gives you a great look that you can put in a lot of different colors Putting your sofa in a neutral color fabric opens you up to a lot of fun options To put on to your high leg recliner. If you like this style check out the Riley or the Fletcher. tip number five meet with an interior designer for free. You can visit any La-z-Boy Home Furnishings and Decor and meet with the degreed interior designer. All for free! Your personal interior designer would be happy to help you decorate around your recliner and bring your ideas to life. Utilizing these five simple interior design tips will help you to transform your living space choose a solid color fabric corner off your recliner Offset your recliner with tables and lamps consider a push back recliner And of course you can always come see in interior designer for free. If you like what you’ve seen and you want to hear more Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button down below Check out the description for a link to your nearest La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings and Decor and did you know that I am on the podcast? Check out the link below and listen.

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