5 Easy VBS Decorations for LifeWay’s Game On! VBS 2018

game on get ready for some fun easy VBS
decorations so number one it’s Vacation Bible School so you’re probably going to
have the kids memorize verses so we make these really simple verse posters we
started by printing out the verses in large font on a regular piece of paper
now we just cut out around them get some glue and glue them onto the poster board
and you get these awesome looking verse posters to help kids memorize their
verses for the week and then you can just hang them up in the classroom or
wherever they need to go idea number two this one is a DIY chalkboard now we made
ours to look like a baseball scoreboard and the trick is using a paint that has
a gloss finish that can be wiped off with a damp cloth because you’ll be able
to write on it with chalk and then just wipe it away with a damp cloth to make
this we took a roll of butcher paper and covered a movable whiteboard with the
butcher paper and we painted the butcher paper with a gloss finish paint and then
we just added some details like the words in the emmys this third project
here is a way to make really easy cutouts to put on the wall so I’m using
a Mac so I just found some images and then I opened it up in preview and I
like doing an imprint of you because you can adjust the sizing really easily so I
have a projector set up and I have those images projecting onto a piece of poster
board and then I traced him out with a sharpie
once I traced him out I went ahead and painted them and after painting them I
retraced the lines just without where those edges are super crisp I’ll also
show you another trick with the basketball I first go ahead and paint it
with my orange paint and then I take a sponge brush to give it some texture
just go up and down so here’s the ones that I made and just let the paint dry
once you’ve finished retracing them and then it’s just a matter of cutting out
your pieces of paper and then putting them on the wall I love this idea
because it’s super easy and it works for just about any VBS scene even if you’re
not doing sports just think of things that makes sense for your theme and
trace them out the fourth project is to make a hanging banner so this one we
need to say concessions for our snack yeah so I took a normal piece of poster
board and I divided it into eights just use my ruler and a straightedge to
divide it into 8 equal sections and then cut it out if you want to get extra
fancy you can use a paper slicer to speed up the process and to make sure
all your papers are similar in size so once I get my pieces of paper cut out
I’m going to cut a triangle out of the bottom so I’m measuring 3 inches up from
the bottom and then I’m going to make sure I have it in the center so when I
divided my poster board into 8 sections there were 7 inches wide so I just made
that middle point of the triangle and I’m just gonna trace from that point I
made to the bottom corners and I’m gonna do that on each side but what’s nice is
once you do the first one you don’t have to keep tracing because I’m going to cut
out that bottom triangle and then I’m going to use that triangle as a template
for all of my other ones so once you get the first one made it goes a lot faster
so I’ve got my cool pennant pieces here and then I’m just gonna with a sharpie
go ahead and freehand some letters on there or you could do stencil just using
the sharpie once more go ahead and fill them in with a thick chunky sharpie once
I was done making my pennant I punched two holes on the top and ran some string
to them and then use command hooks to hang up my banner our fifth and final
project is to use a table cloth to make banners so as you can see I took it out
of the packaging but I left it quoted up really long and then I folded it in half
long and I’m just going to cut along that fold there and set one half off to
the side so I’ve opened my first half of the tablecloth and the one side is still
folded in half so I’m going to cut along the folded side and basically I’m gonna
end up with 1/4 of a tablecloth but I’m gonna do two of them at a time so as you
can see here I don’t have any folds left now I’m going to fold the whole thing in
half one more time and I’m gonna find the corner that is still folded so not
this corner but this corner that’s still folded and cut it from the fold corner
up to the other side to create my pin if you want to change up high your pennant
looks you can cut from the side that doesn’t have a fold and cut inward and
that would just give a different look but then once I cut out that triangle
I’m going to open it up and now I have two pennants and I’m going to have
another half of the tablecloth left over that I can repeat the same process with
so from one tablecloth you can get four of these pendants there’s my other half
I’ve got to finish up with if you want to take your tablecloth to the next
level you can paint them and add phrases whatever is appropriate for your VBS
theme you can also use the tablecloth idea to make a jumbo pennant so I went
ahead and took one folded it in half and cut out the bottom triangle like I did
for the concession son there you can see I have the giant one hanging on the wall
I’ve forgot to get footage of this but the smaller pennants I hung from the
ceiling here’s some bonus ideas you can take a round table cloth and then use
streamers and double-sided tape to make either a baseball or a basketball really
easily on the wall another cool idea if you have a coat rack but don’t know what
to do with it hang up jerseys and sports equipment here’s an idea that I
absolutely love using the projector did you trace out some silhouettes put them
on top of bright colored tablecloths and they like super cool and are super easy
to put up and take down for our main auditorium we used a sports stadium
themed backdrop that we have hanging there we also had some lights for
stadium lights great way to help set the stage is to just get to normal wooden
picnic benches and then cover them in sports equipment things like coolers
baseball badge cheerleader pom-poms they all look awesome we also added a piece
of green carpet just to help set the stage and add to the outdoor sports
field don’t know how this happened

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