Hey everyone its Morgan Yates over the summer You guys saw me redo my room in my parents house in North Carolina and today just in time for the new year I thought I would we’ve amp my space in Los Angeles today. I’m doing a 48 hour room makeover of my bedroom here So let’s go ahead and get started. I love this room. I think it’s so cozy however The only thing I’m not loving about this room as I just think it’s a little too pink and a little too like girl bossy It’s just not my personality. I don’t know. I still think it’s like really pretty to look at and I like it Don’t get me wrong, but that’d be fun to make a few very simple changes to bring a completely different vibe into this room So we’re gonna be doing over the next 24 hours before we get started. Let’s take a look at the before As you can tell it’s pretty girly my dresser and desk are super cluttered My cheap furniture is busted by hanging plants are dead and generally speaking. I just think there’s too much going on in the room So let’s start with my goals for this room makeover. My first goal was to have less pink I felt like I was living in some kind of princess room. That didn’t fit me anymore So instead I wanted to replace those tones with a more blue color scheme My next goal was to revamp the art again It was just a little more feminine than I wanted my decor to be anymore And I also wanted to incorporate some plant-like prints to kind of bring the outside indoors because I look at palm trees out my window all day every day and I just thought that would be cute to kind of Have that vibe inside as well. My third goal was to invest in new good quality furniture So if you guys have been around since my moving vlogs like two years ago And you may remember when I moved to Los Angeles I brought like nothing with me and I bought this dresser and this nightstand off of like a furniture resale app I honestly only picked it up from there because it was white and because someone could deliver it However, this is made of just like such cheap like I couldn’t tell you how many times I picked clothes or like gotten splinters Honestly these drawers don’t glide they’re just like kind of here. So they’re always just sticking out different way It’s this bottom quarter at some point. I broke that off. I don’t know who is having some new furniture in here I feel like it’s really just gonna elevate the whole space and lastly I wanted have fewer things displayed on my furniture Surfaces so that the room would feel more clean and less cluttered now for the action steps a few weeks prior I got started on One of my favorite parts of this makeover process, which was picking out the new art I like screenshot a ton of art options that I liked and then here’s my very fast like paste the images on top of my old artwork to try to like get A feel for so this is how it’s gonna be I tried to balance out like once I had words and then once I had borders with once it didn’t and blah blah blah so then for my dresser we obviously have this big print here and then I’m gonna see which of these smaller ones looks best in front of it and Then whichever one I don’t use somehow my likes probably to swap out for that because a little too late Rodeo Drive Vibes over there. So a little sad say goodbye to these gals. They’ve kept me in a great company for the past couple beers We’re getting new art. We’re getting new furniture new pillows. This is getting gone. We’re getting two nightstands. Maybe a new rug The day is finally here that I am getting a new dresser. I’m about to get my new furniture in store Someone take this furniture to the curb. I’ve already emptied all of these shores and I’m about to take this downstairs This was the biggest train wreck moving this in this thing literally weighs I don’t know thousands of pounds, for example like literally this rug has Never even gone underneath this dresser because it’s too heavy getting rid of this night scene as well because it’s also just like not good Quality much as I loved having this little glam clothing rack here. I think it makes the room look like a little bit cluttered It’s also just not essential It’s kind of like wasted space and I think it’d be good to have another nightstand on that side of bed to ordered two matching Nightstands from West Elm to also match the new dresser that’s going here. So let’s get started Really interesting situation now called I don’t know if that’s gonna fit through here This thing literally fits Perfectly to be able to get out. Whoa dressers gone nice dancing on the water drawers to take out This is sue We’re now entering Operation nightstand, I’m going to take these out hopefully they’re not difficult to assemble. I’ll have these linked below you’ll be guys It’s being born into the world it comes with like an umbilical cord apparently I get to cut off Doors that like Glide All right I was thinking ahead and I brought it up here before assembling these That way it would just be easier to carry out the stairs So I’m gonna go ahead and put this on To the first nightstand if I’d known West Elm assembly was this easy out of it’s fitting. Yes I’m at some money longer. Go one down three go. We got a nice stand up in here well I guess I can go ahead and like clear this out and then take this Clothing right downstairs and post it on like offer up to try to sell it ASAP. They both have legs It’s simply complete so spacious now here Really sad thing. I just discovered I love this lamp I’m gonna have to get different lamps so that it matches also Don’t fret I have an exact frame that size to go over here. I don’t know what I want to do Is this I’m excited about both that and that But some people are about to be here in next like 15 minutes and they’re gonna bring my dresser up here So I’ve just been like clearing out the hallway and everything to get up here. So I’m very excited Although I’ve gotten so used to having all of this space like when you walk into my room I love how just open it is but that’s obviously I have too many things for that We all know she looks so good. This one’s a little more narrow by the time I put photos up here I feel like that’s all I want to go up here I feel like I don’t want a lot of stuff like out on surfaces I want it to be super like clean and minimal rather than just like having a bunch of stuff out Even if it’s cute stuff I feel like it just adds to like a cluttered look if I took this down cuz I think I have too many like photos everywhere I kind of might like it with the clothing right here But like with only a few pieces on it, it’s when I take this off the wall We’re gonna see um, apparently it left quite a mark I don’t seem to be understanding what those marks everywhere, but I’m gonna try to Magic Eraser that off Alright sometime path this was going to be a 24-hour room makeover video I’m increasing this to 48 because here’s what happens I discovered I had a lot of videos still to film in here and this video I knew couldn’t come out Because of other deadlines I had going on until now and you’re seeing it So we’re filming all these other videos with my new room set up giving it away. It just didn’t work out You know what? I mean? So we got that new furniture and things like stopped there I’m not going to college to do our makeover videos, so don’t come for me. I’m called 48 well count that as day And then today we have another day. I’m so excited to finally switch things up in here since getting these nightstands Remember my lamp I went to Target planning to buy two lamps and I was so thrilled to discover that they had like the very similar style lamp heard of it to match the other side I just picked up the same lampshade thatwe can tie it together I ended up switching everything into just like the top drawer of this so super easy to just walk over here and then have my little like Jewelry things and whatnot in here every structured a bunch of things in my closet we moved all my Leggings which were in the dresser into this little hanging like shoe rack where those prints used to be I ended up hanging. I got this neon light Amazonas I said this is my gift guide but it just says do what you love and I just think that’s cute It’s like less cheesy than this little love sign. So my thoughts now are okay. Here are my two options it stays there alone I need to get a little white like cord thing or this clothing rack that I moved I haven’t gotten rid of it yet and I’ve had it just like Here keep in mind if we left it there that would be like moved up if that were raised it would perfectly Which would be so nice. Look. I don’t know. I feel like it’s probably better to just ditch the clothing rack next task, though We’re doing a task. I’m so excited about which is changing this art. Finally. We’re gonna miss her. She was wonderful time We say goodbye to switch out that art gonna switch out these prints gonna figure out the above the nightstand ones and then need to switch all these Plants, they’re dead. I got new ones. I’m worried the new prints I got aren’t gonna balance is nicely cuz like this one had so much white space and so did that Omar? It’s gonna be so blue. What if I hate it? You beat oh my gosh, this is gonna be so blue. I’m like getting worried All right, well what clears like a quick fun fact I ordered this from Urban Outfitters the us site Then it arrived with an on us outlet So this has been plugged into like a converter for the entire existence that I’ve had it I think I’m a fan like we have in these prints a lot of like gold and then we also have a lot of gold Like in person. I’m also ditching that little desk riser situation are gonna go through all this stuff redo this next up for these Alrighty, interesting accident happened called Morgan ordered the wrong size thinking that it was gonna fit this so it kind of looks like it a little like Matt being in the frame. So I don’t know if I hate it. Also, I’m a print short Oh, no, I do not want that thing up anymore. I hate that We in this heightening My thoughts are it’s gonna be better to hang this too low initially and then be able to move it up versus hanging it Too high and having to move it down and having a nail hole wash. We can’t go too high start with a Show gonna be too low wait No It’s perfectly even what? It’s actually the kind of skill I have so it does look a little bit different because this side of the bed is narrower than this side So I move the print like the same number of inches close to the window as on the other side so now it looks even and it said Hello next new lamplight Screwin, I don’t know what kind of color temperature bulbs these are it’s just what came with it. So I don’t hate it Okay need to run like an extension cord behind my bed or something to plug this in so that the court can go behind Because the only other outlet is like all the way out here, so don’t worry We’re not leaving it like this right now time to swap out this lay up show you guys Plot twists that I didn’t see coming You see how this very top part is what connects onto this? I didn’t think that through it I know there’s so much variation this part that like connects to the top. So it’s kind of low Therefore we have this super tall lampshade lots. I mean obviously this isn’t gonna work. This looks ridiculous Yeah should have done some internal research before I went out and bought this lip shade But now I guess I get to go buy another laugh exactly like that one in the meantime I’m going to bring these Dudley’s back to life, but I didn’t know like where to get more So I just googled air plants and I found some on Etsy so I’ve been mailed new air plants I don’t know if these sizes are going to match Some looks a little too grassy but like I don’t know what to do about it, these are the cards I was dealt next these are all like bedding things to like switch out. My pillow colors gonna go to town Don’t remember what I was thinking with any of it We’re gonna pause the bedding right now things are not going according to plan because I just didn’t I took a risk and it didn’t Work I got three of these little pillows at the white like velvety pillowcase in my plans For whatever reason was gonna be like, I have two great pillows Then I have the three white ones And then I had I wanted like a lumbar pillow like the same length and this length is just impossible to find and I wanted Some kind of like dark dark blue So it would be like grey white blue like spaced out kind of hot before. It was like great white pink Um Morgan somehow ordered the wrong. This is tiny and it’s hilarious and it’s bluer than I wanted So anyways doesn’t work. I’ll say about this little throw. That’s like a nice like dark teal And it matches the rug and the artwork I’m thinking what we might have to do is have like the white pillows then the gray and then keep this pink pillow is it? Look stupid with nothing there, but for now since I have this rug anyway It does still match it ties the colors in and we can keep the rug. I don’t know I’m annoyed. And then for this photo grid I got this like photo ledge It was only available in this like dark wood color, which I don’t have anywhere in my room so I’m gonna hang it up see if I like it and If I’m not feeling the wood which I feel like I might not be and I was gonna paint it white But I just think it’s cool because you can slide in a bunch of different prints You’ve committed. Are you supposed to use an anchor for this? Yes. Am I in them? Please line up. This doesn’t work. I’m gonna actually whore down And now I’m gonna get my prints, yeah, we got lots of options here I’m gonna try to go for different sizes also, like some blueish ones maybe even include this one since it’s blue and pink. I Don’t know Smell it look stupid. All right, here’s how I arranged it. I think she’s okay So next I’m gonna go to Target cuz I need to get the other lamp but under here this little bin has Camera things in it which I like and want to keep I’d rather just not be see-through I don’t think cuz it looks messy but I want to organize what this looks like I’m thinking if I cuz I kind of like the wood actually I’m wondering if I can get like some kind of like wicker Basket or something? That could be so ugly. I don’t know Alright, I’ve begun starting to like figure out what I want this to look like I took down the giant stack of books that were here and Instead I moved the white books that were here originally up here and puts a little hello sign on top tada We were back to supply got this basket I couldn’t even remember Oh perfect kind of oh Alright this basket smaller than I thought what happens if I turn it sideways that looks stupid Does this even match when talent our finishing touches still under 48 hours total? The audio here was somehow my stuff But basically I was saying how much I love the new art how I needed to vacuum and how I need to patch the nail holes in the wall from where I removed that photo grid I’m currently debating. So this rug used to be under the desk and I took it out to vacuum Oh I didn’t say I Put this pillow here that I just happen to already have for the time that we keep this rug and that pillow I thought I might as well pop this here. Also now that this desk is gonna be more cleared out I haven’t dusted here yet I have this dimmer that like adjust my Christmas lights, which is really nice But I don’t want just like this random things sticking out I stuck it to the side over here So you really can’t see it at all and that will actually be easier to turn on and off anyway right now for the grand reveal Here’s what you look like So now back to my original idea of this being like kind of getting rid of pink altogether it didn’t happen necessarily However, I loved that we incorporated other colors into this room. So it’s not like I’m walking into like a princess palace That’s like what I felt like sometimes I was like god, this place is so girly. I feel like it’s like softer I just like the that there’s blue in here. It feels a little like more cozy I guess if you think that I didn’t get to in this video that I want to do First of all is swapping out that little Coco Chanel print thing out of here secondly I need to fill in these nail holes and kind of like sand them down the last thing I need to get a cord covered Thing to conceal that a little bit I guess from doing this and then from doing my one back home in North Carolina my two biggest tips if you’re wanting to just like change up the look of your room the two things you need to mess with our Artwork and pillows. You can change the whole rooms color scheme by changing the pillows I didn’t do that here but if I didn’t have this rug I could just change the pillows change the art and it’s like a totally new place in here Let me know what you guys think Thank you so much for watching again, please subscribe if this is the first video you’re seeing, you know See you guys in my next video


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