3D Wall of Fame Photoshop Tutorial Part 1 of 2

3D Wall of Fame Photoshop Tutorial Part 1
of 2 Hi there, Kim Kunkel here owner and designer
of our EasyDigitals.com Photoshop Backgrounds and Templates for Sports Photographers.
Today I want to talk to you about this new set called, “3D Wall of Fame Template Set,”
that myself and my designer came up with for you guys and I’m super excited to share
it with you and show you how it works. When we start out it’s going to look like
this and when we’re finished it’s going to look like this. Let me explain some things
to you about this template set. If you purchased the entire set you’re going
to have at least three folders that are zipped. You’ll right-click “Extract All”. It’s
a little bit different if you have a Mac so you’ll need different instructions.
Once you get inside of here you can also going to get a button that says, “CLICK HERE FOR
FONTS NEEDED,” and you’ll also get unzipped instructions if you need those. You can search
for unzipped instructions if you do need them but I’m sure you guys all know how to do
that. I want to show you how this is laid out. You’ll
get some of these templates, will have what looks like a background additional set of
layers and like this one and this one and this one and those are because you’re going
to have the option to do a clipping mask with a box or you’re going to have the 3D option.
These other ones they’re the same way but they’re just separate because for me that
design didn’t work out to just lay it on top. I needed to change some things so I had
to create a separate template for that like wording with angled and this is not angled.
I just wanted to be sure and make it not too confusing so I just made those separate. But
for these I made it the same so that it will save space for downloading and keeping on
your hard drive. Let me go ahead and get back to our tutorial
files. I’m going to be working with this. Here we are, I just want to go over these
basic layers. We have the Badge folder which has many folders inside. We have the Brush
so you can turn off the badge and we have the Brush & Text. We have the 3D-IMAGES and
we have the BOX IMAGES. And then down here we have the different backgrounds
so you could have a dark background or you can even do a Jersey Texture. That’s a good
one to use this color change on so double-click that and then this dialogue box comes up and
you can have Colorize “On” or “Off” and you can change the color to match your
needs. Or if you turn on Colorize then it’s just a tint of that color so it’s basically
one hue with a lot of different shading. I like to use Colorize for these situations.
Another thing you can use this with is the dark or the light if you turn on Colorize
you’re going to get a tint for this. You can increase the saturation and then you can
have a slight tint. I’m going to turn this off and I’m going to come back to my Light
Stadium and I’m going to show you how it works to add in these pictures.
I’m going to open my first photo. First thing, let’s go ahead and turn off let’s
turn off the box images for now. File-Open and I’m going to come to my photo.
Now this is going to go over here to the left so this says, “SO-YOUR PHOTO HERE,” which
stands for Smart Object. I’m going to double-click this click “OK” and I’m just going to
drag my image in and it’s really small because it’s a stock photo. Yours it might come
in too big or too small so you just need to drag those edges out or push them in and press
“Enter”. Then, you close this and it immediately goes into place. Then, you have all these
layers on top that you can turn off or on depending on what effect do you want to go
for. You do the exact same thing over here. You’ll
double-click on this image. You’ll add your photo in, drag this out, drag this photo in,
drag out the edges, try it again. I’m pressing “Control-zero” I’m going to get good
and zoom in here so we can see his expression on this one. I say, “Yes,” I want to close
it and there it is. That is how you add the Smart Objects it’s pretty easy I just love
Smart Objects using this way. If we don’t want to do that there’s another
way we can do it. If it distorts your photo too much for example you may not want to do
that so let me show you the other option. We’ll turn that off and we’ll just clip
it so we’re going to use this one to just clip it. File-Open going to open my image
and I’m going to drag it in pull it out I’m pressing Shift so that it keeps the
aspect ratio and walla, there it is. What if you want to change the aspect and
you wanted to match the angles of this? You just come over to your little square here
and you’re going to press down your “Control” key and you’re going to drag this out to
match the angle of the photo. So I’m going to take this one down. As you could see I’m
just matching the angles here and over and then press “Enter” and then you can just
arrow it wherever you want it. That’s how you add the photos for the 3D.
It going to be similar for the boxes but with the boxes you can change the sizes of the
boxes; you can add more boxes; you can copy boxes. You have lots of options here because
you may have lots of different photos and you may need them to be a certain way so I
wanted to make sure that you could change this in any way. I want it had an out of these
extra options to just have square photos so that you would be able to do anything you
wanted. Let’s say you wanted three photos and want really small one here you can do
that with this set. It’s the same as the clipping mask version,
can get this exactly right and I thought you can zoom in on this and get them exactly right
to make sure they measure up but you do it the exact same way so you’re going to come
in you’re going to take your photo. I’m going to make sure I have my left photo
here I’m going to File-Open grab this drag it in it’s going to go right into place.
We get whatever size you want then you just push it around with your right and left arrows
I’m going to close that. This also have effects to them it has a Bevel
so if you decide that you want to change the Bevel you just double-click that, do not mean
to do a Color Overlay. It has a Bevel here and you can just adjust this right now the
depth is 164 and you can play with this to make it adjust any way you want it’s totally
changeable. That is how you add a photo to the 3D Wall of Fame.
Next I’m going to show you how to adjust the Badge so stay tuned.

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