3D Textured Ammonite Fossil Mixed Media Art on Canvas Made with Recycled Cardboard Tutorial DIY

hello everyone and welcome to studio
Silver Creek. In this video I’ll be showing you how to make an ammonite
fossil from recycled cardboard. This mixed-media art wall hanging is made on
recycled canvas with just a few materials. I used gesso cut from a
recycled cereal box each piece of cardboard is cut into thin slightly curved strips and
stuck on the canvas with white gesso. I’m using a recycled square canvas but any
sized canvas can be used for this project. I drew a spiral pattern onto the
canvas with a white charcoal pencil. If you use a new canvas a regular pencil
will be fine. Apply the gesso onto the canvas and add
strips of cardboard to create the faux fossil as shown and then allow the gesso
to dry and harden. Once everything is dry apply a generous
layer of dark grey acrylic paint to the canvas. Be sure to get the paint into all
the cracks and crevices. You can add a little water to the paint
if the paint is too thick. Immediately wipe off the paint from the
raised surfaces with a paper towel and be sure not to wipe the paint from the
cracks and crevices, you want to keep all the paint in there. You can dampen the paper towel with
water to wipe away as much paint from the middle sections as possible this
helps make the faux fossil appear more 3d. You can also apply a light gray acrylic
paint to the center of the raised cardboard to highlight the fossil even
further. Allow to dry and then you can seal it
with a matte varnish. If you liked this project give this
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what you thought of it or leave a suggestions on what you’d like to see me
make next. Would you like to see more mixed-media projects using recycled
materials? If so leave a comment below and thanks so much for watching. Please
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Absolutely love this! I binge watch your videos all the time. Would enjoy seeing more mixed media videos. Is there anyway you could do a Valentine's day or anniversary love style canvas? Thanks for all the time and work you put into your chanel and may you be blessed.

Jaw dropping beautiful! Wow! I must try this…..thank you!! I love that you recycled. I would love to see more mixed media art from you. Love your channel!!! 💜

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