3 Stunning Wall Of Light Curtain Lights Ideas for Weddings

Hi, I’m Sarah with Lights for all Occasions
and you’ve probably noticed this gorgeous display behind me, of lights. I’m so excited
to tell you about our commercial grade, high-end curtain lights. They’re LED so there’s a lot
of great features about them that I know you’re going to want to incorporate into your next
event. These lights are so versatile, they have so many great features that you can customize
them to whatever look you’re going for, for your event or your special venue. First of
all, they span from six feet all the way to 36 feet, so you can use them in a large place
and the great thing about that is it only uses one power supply, one plug so you don’t
have to worry about lots of extension cords getting in the way. There’s also one controller
as well, so you can connect them all and just use one controller for the entire thing. They
have lots of different functions, speeds, light displays, they flicker or they can be
steady. Lots of different combinations that you can use to fit the look that you’re going
for. Another great feature is that they are water resistant, and so you can have them
indoors or outdoors, whatever your venue specifies. So I’m going to show you three different looks
that we have combining the different wires and the different colored lights. You’re going
to love it. I know you’re going to be creative with them and excited to use them at your
next event. One great look that you can incorporate into your event using our lights is this gorgeous,
classic, very elegant, timeless look, perfect for that fairy tale wedding or a special birthday
party. It just creates such a warm twinkly kind of ethereal look through these lights.
The lights that I’ve used for this are our white wire, warm white LED curtain lights,
and it goes perfectly against the white fabric. We’ve also paired it with our acrylic crystal
garland, and they all come together at the bottom of the drapery, and they’re so easy
to manipulate as you can see they’re bunched together, just tie it off with a beautiful
ribbon, a wire, something to just bring it all together, and the drapery look is just
so elegant, so classic it’s going to be beautiful at your special event. Another great look
I wanted to show you using our curtain lights is, taking away all of the softness, this
is really all about the lights, okay? This is a clear wire, our same warm white lights,
but it’s against a stark wall. We’ve taken away that soft fabric, and so you can see
the different designs you can bring in to showcase just the lights. We’ve done a criss-cross
pattern and bunched them together in the middle to soften it up with this lace bow so it creates
that really urban, shabby chic look that’s so popular right now. And I love how when
the lights bunch in the middle of the bow, it kind of illuminates it, and so it just
gives a softer element to it but still has that very modern minimalist look. I think
this is perfect for a bridal shower, a birthday party, any point where you want to use lights
to illuminate a certain part of your venue and showcase what great lights they are. For
the final look that I’m going to show you today, we’re using our clear wire cool white
lights, as you’ve seen in the other demonstrations of our different wires, we do create with
these lights a beautiful wall of lights that can expand from six feet, up to 36 feet. In
this particular display we wanted to create windows, so that you can see these gorgeous
jars on display. So what we’ve done is gathered up bunches of each of the lines of light and
these are in groups of five, and you can decide however long your span is, and then we’ve
gathered them again at the bottom to create almost a diamond window, and then you can
hang these gorgeous metallic hobnail jars and soften it up with some flowers to help
the light kind of bounce off the organza fabric and the metallic jars. It just creates such
a mystical, icicle kind of feel perfect for winter wedding or any kind of winter special
event, but don’t limit these lights to just weddings. These are perfect for display in
a retail window, these are great in casinos, in hotels or any large venue where you want
to showcase a product or just illuminate for a gathering or a special event. So these have
many different varieties of use and we’d love to hear how you use these besides the ideas
that I’ve shown you. So make sure you send us your pictures, leave us your comments,
we’d love to hear how you’ve used these lights. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel
because we have this and many great ideas on how to use our products. We’d love to have
you back again next time. Thanks for watching, see ya!


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