25 Heaviest Things in the World | A Statue Weighing as Much as 100 Houses

A new couch I need to get through the front
door, a suitcase I packed for a weekend getaway filled with stuff I might need… just in
case! This is my idea of the top heaviest things ever. But it’s a big world out there
filled with plenty of record-breaking giants! 24. The heaviest crayon ever made was registered
by Guinness World Records in New York in 2017. It took a whole group of people to create
this huge piece of art-making art! Huge as in, half the length of a telephone pole and
as heavy as a cow! (That’s 17 ft long and 1,500 lb!) 23. The heaviest pumpkin ever grown was officially
registered by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth (yes, there is such a thing) in 2016 in Belgium.
The 2,600-lb heavyweight champion of vegetables weighed over a ton! Wait, or are pumpkins
fruits? Weigh in on this down in the comments! 22. Each of its 24 pages is made of stainless
steel and weighs about 220 lb! “Buddha and his Dhamma” in Agra, India is the heaviest
book in the world, tipping the scales at 4,400 lb. It must take some serious muscle to turn
those pages. 21. The most massive light bulb in the world
is about 4 times as heavy as a giraffe. It was built in Menlo Park, New Jersey in 1938
to honor Thomas Edison and his contribution to the invention. His historic lab used to
be in this neighborhood. The 17,600-lb honorary bulb stands on top of a 12-story tower. In
the evenings, it alone produces enough light for the whole nearby area. 20. African elephants are the largest land
animals now living, and the biggest of them that was officially recorded came from Angola.
It was about as heavy as a cruise ship anchor, weighing 24,000 lb and standing 13 ft tall. 19. Also weighing in at 24,000 lb is the world’s
largest walking robot. It’s a huge fire-breathing dragon that was designed and built by a German
company. The robot has its own Diesel engine with about 140 horsepower. 18. Midnight Rider is the heaviest limo in
the world, weighing over 50,500 lb, as much as 4 full-grown elephants. It has 3 lounges
and can fit 40 passengers and a crew of 4. Whew, time to party! 17. The heaviest meteorite ever found on Earth
was so impressive that it earned itself a name: Hoba. In 1920, a farmer in Namibia happened
to come across the 145,000-lb cosmic guest while plowing a field. It only took about
80,000 years for someone to notice this massive chunk of iron as heavy as the Space Shuttle! 16. You’ll have to travel to Henan, China
to hear the giant Bell of Good Luck ring where it was cast in December 2000. It weighs 254,000
lb, as much as 18 Tyrannosaurus rexes put together. 15. The largest creature to have ever lived
on our planet is the blue whale. The most massive of them weighs around 440,000 lb,
as much as a single-story house. Its heart alone weighs as much as a car, and its tongue
is as heavy as an elephant! Yep, my tongue feels like that sometimes… 14. If you think your laptop is too heavy,
there was once a computer weighing as much as 40 elephants. Well, the 550,000-lb SAGE
computer was a whole system of connected supercomputers in more than 20 different locations in the
US that was launched in the late ‘50s. 13. Ever seen a museum exhibit that’s as
heavy as 3 blue whales? There’s part of an outdoor installation called Levitated Mass
at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It’s officially in the Guinness Book as the largest
boulder to have been transported. It took 11 nights and a truck with 176 wheels to carry
the precious 680,000-lb cargo! 12. The Antonov An-225 Mriya cargo aircraft
is the largest ever built. And for good reason: it was designed to transport spaceplanes.
“Mriya” means dream, and, indeed, other aircraft can only dream of such a record-breaking
takeoff weight, wingspan, and overall mass. A little over 1 million lb is the equivalent
of 8 Space Shuttles. 11. Over 10,000 of the brightest minds built
the most significant scientific experiment ground at CERN in Switzerland. The Large Hadron
Collider accelerates particles to unbelievable speeds and lies in an underground tunnel.
The machine weighs 4 million lb, which is as much as… 10. The largest tree in the world, who also
goes by General Sherman. The General lives in the Sequoia National Park in California,
which boasts an entire collection of giant trees. But Sherman’s the biggest of them
all if we’re talking volume. It would take 9,500 bathtubs to fill its trunk. And at over
4 million lb, this sequoia is no lightweight! 9. The most powerful rocket ever made successfully
launched all the Apollo astronauts into space, and many of them to the moon itself! Saturn
V, which is now enjoying retirement at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, weighs almost 7 million
lb. This giant burnt more fuel per second than Charles Lindbergh, the first man to cross
the Atlantic solo, used during his entire 33-hour trip. 8. The Spring Temple Buddha is the largest
statue in the world, weighing more than the Brooklyn Bridge! The true landmark of Henan
Province, China is twice as high as the Statue of Liberty. The lotus throne it stands on
is large enough to fit an entire monastery. It took 11 years to complete the construction
of this colossal 36-million-lb masterpiece. 7. Did you know the original design of the
Washington Monument was a rotunda with a Roman-like George Washington? Perhaps that statue wouldn’t
have made it to the list, but an obelisk 3 times as heavy as The Statue of Liberty you
can see today is a real record-breaker. It took 36 years to finish the 160-million-lb
construction. When it was finished in 1888, the 555-ft monument was also the tallest structure
in the world. 6. Freight trains loaded with coal and iron
ore are the heaviest trains in the world. The true heavyweight among them was a train
with iron ore that was 4.5 miles long and weighed nearly 200 million lb, or 7 times
as much as the Brooklyn Bridge. It made its journey around western Australia in 2001. 5. The largest and heaviest cruise ship in
the world is as massive as 2 blue whales, or just over half a billion pounds. Symphony
of the Seas sails in the Caribbean and has 7 distinct neighborhoods, several pools, a
zip line, multi-story waterslides, rock climbing walls, and, my favorite, all the dining options
you could imagine! 4. The Palace of the Parliament in Romania
is the heaviest of all buildings on this planet. At 1.5 billion lb, it’s twice as massive
as The Empire State Building. Construction of the Palace in Bucharest was started in
1984, but it’s still not finished today. So, it, along with its more than 3,000 rooms,
could become even heavier! 3. The greatest of the three Great Pyramids
of Giza, at least when it comes to mass, is the Pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu. It’s about 7
times as heavy as The Golden Gate Bridge, weighing 12 billion lb! And it’s made of around
2.3 million stone blocks! 2. Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydropower
project in the world, and you can find it on the Yangtze River in the north of China.
It weighs more than 20 billion pounds, or about 950 Eiffel Towers… And now for the ultimate heavyweight champ.
Drum roll, please! 1. It’s as heavy as 9 Great Pyramids of Khufu,
150 Empire State Buildings, and about 2,000 Statues of Liberty. Can you guess what it
is? One of the most famous landmarks of the world – the Great Wall of China stretches
for 13,000 miles and weighs over 116 billion pounds! BUT! That’s still not nearly as heavy as
the combined weight of the entire human population. Altogether, our happy global family weighs
an estimated 632 billion pounds! Ok, fine, doesn’t count as a “thing” but, hey,
still worth mentioning! Whaddya say – which of these things would
you like to see? And if you learned something new today, then give the video a like and
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Cruise ships are listed in GRT not actual weight. The Nimitz class carriers are still the heaviest ships ever put to sea at 100,000 tons displacement

Human thoughts are most weight less product in the universe…. that thought builds heaviest thing in the world…….

Although the Saturn V was the heaviest rocket, not all Apollo astronauts flew in it. The astronauts who flew on Apollo 7, the US/USSR flight, and Skylabs 2,3,& 4 (Skylab was part of the Apollo program) flew on Saturn IB rockets.

BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL…NOT IN INDIA…. I'm telling this because Indian claim that Buddha was born in India..but the truth is that..BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL ๐Ÿ˜ 

Meteor? Why wasnโ€™t there a huge trench where the meteor slid into earth? It shouldโ€™ve made a huge canyon if itโ€™s coming down from space and the earth is spinning at 1000 mph right? Or maybe itโ€™s just โ€˜scienceโ€™ that caused a multi-ton object to hurl through space at 1000โ€™s of mph and crash land on earth and only make a small dent in the ground. I call bull ๐Ÿ’ฉ

These guys took 36 yrs to complete Washington monument. But our Tom Holland took less than 30 seconds to reach it ๐Ÿ˜ถ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ˜….

2 blue whales weigh around 500,000 pounds together, not 500,000,000 LB!!! Does this channel even check its facts?

Have u heard of Statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Statue of India. It's a largest statue in world now. Update urself.

I wonder what would happen if every one and thing went to one side of the earth and jumped? Someone comment and let me know Im not the only one with this thout

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