I could be wrapped around your arms instead of paying only week the case and not the stars but now it feels just like a wandered off into it room close the door be hurry I never gave the key to you even though I wanted to should be try something new phenomena body sick I’m tired of dwelling in the dark it’s just that my heart can’t take it I didn’t know what it cost that you go okay so this is when you first walk in the front door and if you turn to the right you have my office which will go in there in a minute and then if you turn to the left you have the stairs and there’s Bailey hi Bailey and then you have the formal dining room and the living room is in there we’ll go there in a minute that’s the basement in the kitchen is there as well but first we’ll start with this table right here so my husband made this table for me we got the plans off of Pinterest it’s an on a white X console table so he built it and I painted it and stained it but that is where I got that and then everything in this house is pretty much from Hobby Lobby or kirklands or Walmart so if I miss something then you can pretty much bet that’s where I got it I did get that lamp from Target it’s a touch lamp I have one in Kinsley’s room as well but the lantern is from Kirkland’s and this blessed this home sign is from a really cute online boutique that I recently found called legacy decor and I will link it below for you guys but they have this some really cute farmhouse Dacor on there so I have some other pieces in the house I’ll show you two but that’s one of the pieces and then I believe this little stool in this plant is from Hobby Lobby it’s from their spring outdoor collection and I think but it looks really cute inside and then all of the artwork is pretty much from Hobby Lobby okay so now turning into the right you have my office all of my office furniture the chair everything is from Walmart I will link it for you guys hopefully I remember if I adult somebody remind me but I plan to link the desk of the filing cabinet that’s a filing cabinet actually right there and then that chair and then the shelf over here that I’m going to show you in a second is from overstock the curtains are from the at-home store and then these frames I believe are from Hobby Lobby and the clock is from honestly I cannot remember where I got that clock I probably got it either now I think I’ve got that clock at Hobby Lobby and then like I said the filing cabinet is from Walmart and the little printer I got on Amazon in case anybody’s wondering about that okay so over here this big huge mirror is from kirklands and then the sconces are from Amazon and the little cotton picks inside of them are also from Amazon you can find some really cute farmhouse state court a core in general on Amazon this mirror is super duper duper heavy but I did get a kirklands you can find it online or in store so over here is my I’m fixing to sign and I got that at Hobby Lobby and then down here is my chair tucker loves this chair but I got it at Walmart and then the throw blanket I probably got at kirklands I can’t remember maybe t.j.maxx and then the this is my happy place pillow I got at Kirkland say hi pepper all right so this little shelf I caught on overstock.com and I had a sweet subscriber make this for me a long time ago but I love it so much and then I got these flowers at kirklands kirklands and he J max are my favorite place to get the little flower arrangements especially TJ Max and then this frame is from TJ Maxx I think maybe Kirkland’s and then this little Cynthia warmer type thing where wax melt warmer is from Walmart and then I had a lady made these campuses you’ll see one of Bailey and Madeline’s room about she painted these canvases of the dogs and she has an online store I think it’s pet campuses comm or something I’ll have to look it up but that’s why I got that so the rug in here I actually got on Amazon and the dog beds I got from a store in China and I don’t recommend it they’re already falling apart and it took forever to get here so I’m not even going to really mention those but the rug is from Amazon and before someone asks because I know you well I get this question all the time I have no idea what the paint color isn’t here I did not choose it it was this color when we moved in okay so over here is the formal dining room and I got that farmhouse sign at Hobby Lobby and the table and the buffet so the table I thought Ashley Furniture it’s the Marcille Luna collection and the buffet I actually found on a facebook marketplace and they still sell this buffet at Ashley right now for eight hundred dollars and I got it for $200 on Facebook marketplace and there’s literally nothing wrong with it so that was a really exciting deal for me but the lamps I think are from kirklands a really really long time ago and then most of the decor like this little sign right here which is like my favorite side ever life is better in the country because if you don’t know we recently moved out to the country which is where we’ve wanted to be for a really long time but I got that at Hobby Lobby as well as I believe this little home sweet home sign is from Hobby Lobby and the flowers are from kirklands and of course my little Bath & Body Works candle lavender marshmallow it smells so good so the curtains are probably from Walmart rumor has really good curtains I get a lot of my stuff like curtains and stuff like that from there and then I have a lot of these pedestals throughout the house you’re going to see this one was made by a print company that is out of business right now but I have a company for you where you can find these let’s see turn this way so you can see better there you go where you can get one just like this custom be to your dimensions and to the colors you want and everything I have that linked I always have it linked in the description box but you will see several of these there was one in my office as well and those are all from that company and I will have it leaked so this gathers line came from Sam’s Club actually again it was only ten dollars which is really awesome I got one for the laundry room there’s one in there you’ll see and then let’s see I have a few little ones I’ll show you throughout the house as well that came in a pack of four for ten dollars so pretty cool I love Sam club’s first I loved finding those at Sam’s Club I can’t talk today I’m battling a cold too so if I sound kind of nasally that’s why but they had those so yeah so this is the main area when you walk in I love love love this is like one of my favorite parts of the house is just this huge open area I love that it doesn’t walk right into the living room but I also love that my office is in the front of the house and I can look out and see the beautiful front yard and everything so alright we’ll go ahead and we will turn this way and we will go into the living room so this is one of those signs that I was talking about it came in a pack of four for ten dollars this one says this is us the other three say something different my curtains in here are from Target but I’ll give you a quick overview of everything I love the super high ceilings in here [Music] okay so those two huge wall pieces are from kirklands and then this white horizontal bookcase is from Target I have a couple of these in the house and they’re both from Target they still have them and they have tons of colors and then that little bench there is from Kohl’s it’s technically like for shoes and stuff that I just store extra blankets and whatnot in there the pillow is actually from I believe Michaels and then that home sign is from kirklands and those candlesticks are from Kirkland let’s see the cotton stem is from Hobby Lobby it came with the glass base like that and everything and then this little windmill I honestly can’t remember I feel like I might have got that at big-box but I can’t remember for sure so my coffee tables and all my coffee table and my end tables are actually from Walmart calm I think you can find them unlike overstock and stuff too but I got my not actually on Walmart calm and then the lamps are from Target and then my reclining leather sofa and loveseat are from rooms to go and I got them like six years ago so I don’t know if they still have these same ones but they are real leather and you do love them so that’s where I got those and then I got this really cute little tray from kirklands and then this lavender plant is from TJ Maxx the big white pillow is from or both of those are from Walmart and then these little grey ones are from Big Lots actually and then this rug is from Kohl’s and I have the same one is under the table in the dining room but I got them both from Kohl’s I got pretty much all my rugs in the house are from Kohl’s except for the one that I showed you in my office is from Amazon [Music] [Music] so you can loop around and come in to the kitchen you can come into it from there as well but you can kind of just make a big you just like if I give you shape and come into the kitchen so this is the kitchen slash like Eden dining area and that dog sneaking a toy is my wonderful Bailey but these curtains are from Target and then the sign up here if you can see it it’s kind of hard with the lighting but this sign is from I believe that’s from Kirkland’s so I actually found this table on Facebook marketplace I don’t know how long I’m going to keep it just because it’s not really holding up that well so eventually I would like to find something that would last a lot longer because somebody just repainted this and the paint is already starting to chip and stuff but I really do love it it’s beautiful and it fits in my space perfectly for now the rug is from Kohl’s and then I have the matching little kitchen rugs in there there is Bailey hey why are you always causing trouble why are you always causing trouble and then and you come over here and I got this really cute I don’t know what you would really call it console table console table or something but I got this at a local like antique store and it’s not antique or anything they made it and like antique did but I love it it’s one of my favorite pieces in my home and those do slide over in their storage back there which is really cute and you can actually close it and have the storage like in the middle and leave the ends open or you could do it like that and I like it like that and then that sweet pea sign I got on Etsy the side pieces are from Hobby Lobby the mirror I’ve had that for so long I don’t even know the Magnolia wreath is from Kirkland so this is another one of those decor pieces from legacy decor and I love this so much the quality of it is super-high so it really looks like a real plant even though it’s not but like in like I said I’ll have the that shop for you linked so you can go shop her stuff I’ve got a few plants from there and I love this one and then I got this frame from Walmart actually it was seven dollars and some change you can add a different picture in there if you want but I really liked the I think that’s fern I really liked the way that they had it set up so I’m just gonna leave it that way and then over here is this a bread box mine says farmhouse I got this at Hobby Lobby the ones that they sell now are blank they don’t say anything on them I don’t know why they changed it but they used to use this as a charging station right now it’s just kind of got a bunch of junk in it Onis lay awake as you can see I don’t really I need to really utilize it has some storage space but right now it’s just kind of a junk holder and then here’s another one of those pedestals I told you about that will be linked for you guys in the description it’s from a company called Zizo & Co they have an Etsy and on Instagram and then a friend of mine made me of these books they’re some of the living room too you might have seen I actually forgot to go over that table and tell you where everything is from so ask me in the comments if I miss anything and you really want to know where it’s from I’ll try and let you know but she made me the one that has our names on it and then this one that says this is us and then these flowers I believe are from Michaels or Joanne’s I get some of these little arrangements like this from those places they’re usually like between five and ten dollars so they have really good deals so those are the places I always check first and then these baskets are from Walmart all right so I got this stool here from Amazon and I love it cuz it matches my kitchen but I actually use it all the time to reach like those cabinets up there or if I need something from the top of these cabinets and then this is the kitchen and the island okay so let’s see we’ll start right here the breadbox is from Amazon and then the little farm-fresh thing I believe I got that at Hobby Lobby and then the little plant is from Kirkland and then this little birdie I get asked about all the time and that’s actually from Walmart I got had a really long time ago unlike their seasonal section and I just keep little planks little things too fresh in the dream I keep those in there and then we have a science project in the window right now and then we have this farmhouse sign is that a friend of mine made for me and then over here we have this cute little dish that I got for the Grove and then I have some bath and Bodyworks so this little flower arrangement is from Michaels and then this is another Grove just a glass like a pump and I just have dawn just show up in there and then over here is my little pig everybody loves my Pig he’s a cookie jar I got him from kirklands I got this fresh-baked pie sign from the target dollar spot a few years ago and then this is from Hobby Lobby and these are probably from Michaels again maybe Hobby Lobby actually these are from Hobby Lobby but I usually get my flowers at like Michael’s or Joanne’s and then my knife set is from Pioneer Woman from Walmart and then again these are the rugs from Kohl’s that match the other one over there alright so over here we have this little section which is like our coffee slash wine spot I’ve got a wine fridge there that came with the house and then I actually have coffee cups in there because that’s where they it’s actually made for like Rhine bottles but I just shoved coffee so sure there are some wine bottles in there but I just saw shoved I cannot talk you guys some coffee cups back there but we have wine in there and then this is our little of coffee station so another one of my little Zizo & Co pedestals that I love so much and this little plant I got at Target I got this little mini marshmallow dish from Hobby Lobby as well as this really cute old milk jug and then I got this at Hobby Lobby I need to update this because it’s fixing to be Mart so I want to get something that’s just like a coffee bar type mm picture or whatever and then I think I got this from Target and I got this from Target this model is discontinued I believe they do still sell it in this color in another model but they don’t sell it in this color in this model and then this is an electric wine opener I love it I got it on Amazon but yeah we have these glass cabinets here and I have someone like my Rae done coffee cups in there and then I have this really cute sweet tea y’all that I got on Amazon and I have this little coffee one that I got from Elysee this came in a set and I got it from kirklands and yeah everything else up there is probably from kirklands or Hobby Lobby and as you can see right here I have the other three that came in that set so it came in a set of four and one side has like this design and then the other side has words on it I’ll try to show you has like tea sugar and flour and then I got these pictures from um honestly I don’t remember where I got these they they either came from her cleanse or Hobby Lobby but I love them I think they’re really cute I’m pretty sure they came from Hobby Lobby actually yes these definitely came from Hobby Lobby I remember now and I got them recently so they should still have them and then over here is the pantry I got that sign from Etsy and that is the pantry I won’t go into detail on there just because I don’t want this to be too long and then I got this sign a friend made it a really really really long time ago her her shop is closed now so I can’t direct you but I’m sure Etsy has them and then this door leads to the garage and this store is our little half bath let me turn the light on okay hello there I am so this is the half bath and a little like pedestal sink I really like this pedestal sink I think it’s really cute I do not like the mirror I want to change the mirror up and then I got that little really cute sign up from I believe that see I got this little sign here from Amazon actually and then I got all of this that you see here from Amazon so I got the shelf from Amazon not the white set this flower pot was from Amazon and then this cute little sign that says it’s bathroom rules gentlemen stand closer it’s shorter than you think ladies please remain seated for the entire performance I thought that was really cute so I got all of that on Amazon and I think they’re all in my Amazon store if not I will try and make sure I go back and link everything in there but yeah that’s pretty much it you’ve got the toilet down here and that’s about it for this room it’s pretty small typical just a little hot bath all right and then over to the left of that is my cleaning closet room it’s kind of an organized mess to be honest with you but I love having this room because I have so many cleaning products and stuff because this is my job but it’s kind of basically it’s like a mudroom so we have got like our our jackets and stuff and Kinsley’s backpack I’ve got moths and things like that here as you can see and madelyn leaves her backpack down there her backpack it’s too heavy to hang on this hook so she can’t hang it on there but I got this little sign from a legacy decor as well if it will here sitting in the window for now but it says the road to my heart is paved with paw prints it’s really cute I haven’t found where I want to hang it yet so I just have it setting here for now but yeah as you can see it’s organized but it’s kind of chaotic I just keep all of the like household things light bulbs extra paper towels things like that and then I have my cleaning products in here and we have dog food and shoes that we wear outside I keep the dogs food in these little containers I got from Chile and then they have a little shelf here with all of their extra little goodies as well okay so this is the hallway that you come in from the garage and this is just the other side like another view of the kitchen and that’s where we came in from the living room and you can go out here or you can go out here and that will bring you back to this front room oh and there’s this lip stay home sign and I got that from both bicker and Co I think on Etsy no on Instagram she made that for me and I love that sign okay so we will go ahead and head upstairs and then I will do the tour up there and then I will give you a quick tour of the basement this is just a view from upstairs of the living room I just thought I would show you okay as you walk up the stairs I have this sign here I got a Hobby Lobby it says enjoy the little things in life or someday you will realize they were the big things you know I love that time and then over here I have another one of those horizontal bookcases from Target it’s not finished like I haven’t finished decorating it so it really doesn’t have much on it and I have to put pictures in those but I got those frames from Walmart the big frame is from Hobby Lobby and that is from kirklands okay so here is Kinsley’s room and the color in here we did paint this so I do know the color and it is called angelic and it’s a sherwin-williams color but her furniture is from Ashley Furniture I love it it’s so cute and they do still have this set we got it several years ago but they do still have it and then her curtains are from Kohl’s and then all of the artwork in the walls are on the walls in her room are from Hobby Lobby and including that one and if you hear anything in the background it’s her style machine I totally forgot to turn it off I’ll show you that in a minute but her bedding is from Betty’s and both of the girls have Betty’s budding and I love it because it just zips up and it’s really easy for them to make so it’s got like the sheets and everything built into it which is really nice when you have kids because it just makes it so much easier for them to make their beds and then over here this is the little sound machine I’m gonna go and turn it off though but this is another one of those lamps that I got from Target it’s just a touch lamp which is really cool they have a bunch of different colors and there’s the girls there’s kins Lea when she was first born in Madeline we got the holder for the first time and then Kinsley with some crazy hair they were younger um I don’t remember where I got that frame but I probably got it at Hobby Lobby and then these really pretty pillows are from the at-home store okay and then over here that book case is from see I told you guys I cannot talk I’m really not feeling that well that is from somebody that made it for me a long long time ago it used to be Madeleine so I can’t really tell you where to get that but this bassinet was Kingsley’s whenever she was a baby and I kept it to just to keep like her stuffed animals in and as you could heart right now it’s not like in the best organized shape but she just throws her baby dolls and stuff in there so that’s how I have it this thing will not stay up but this was her little bassinet that she slept in next to me for the first four months of her life hi buddy how are you honey that’s an overview and then if you turn around this way this is her bathroom all of us have our own bathroom so Mia turn the light on in here for you so I want to redo the cabinetry in here because I’m not like oak isn’t really my thing I would rather I know I just can’t decide if I’m going to stain it paint it or just replace them I cannot decide but they are really nice like the wood is really nice quality they’re really nice cabinets so I hate to just rip them out so I might just stand them but anyways this is her bathroom and her tub and then she has a window in here like you can see right there and then her closet is actually in here as well which you don’t see that too often you might wonder where closet is it’s actually in her bathroom and this is it and all of its messy glory but it’s nice and big and it’s like a walk-in closet it’s got plenty of story just more than enough for what she needs I have a dresser in here so that’s pretty cool so yeah that is hers and then you go back out and that is Kinsley’s room alright so then we have the playroom up here this could be a bedroom but we just use it as like a family room slash playroom I of how cute it is it has these vaulted ceilings which is really cute and then we have this sleeper sofa here and it pulls out into a bed so if we have guests they can stay here or sometimes we just pull it out and we just lay on it and watch movies I haven’t hung not yet but I want to hang it right here so I just have it sitting there but I got that Hobby Lobby and these are another two of those pictures that were in that set from Sam’s Club and then these shelves here are from Walmart and that is where they keep all of their toys and then we have the TV in here where we can watch movies and saw and then there is a closet in here as well and this in this closet we just keep like games and some extra toys and things like that but yeah we really like having this room it’s really nice to have just for them to play and then also it it doubles as a guest room if we need it we have a guest room in the basement too which I’ll show you and then connect it to that room is this bathroom and this is Madeline’s bathroom and let’s see when we come in here it should pop on light should pop on or maybe not okay I’ll just turn it on this is Madeline’s bathroom and it is connected to her room but it’s also connected to the playroom which is pretty cool so it’s kind of like a Jack and Jill so in there is the playroom and then in here is her bathroom so she has a really nice large vanity in double mirrors and then she has like a storage area right here that’s not very organized so I’m not going to show you but then you walk in and here is her room which you could obviously get to from the hall as well but she has her little desk here and then she has her bedding which is also from or her furniture is also from Ashley Furniture and then her bedding is from Betty’s as well hey what are you doing we do mean what you doing Tucker so um let’s see Oh above her bed I got this at Hobby Lobby and then the flowers are from Hobby Lobby as well and the paint color in her room is called Olympus white and I don’t know why it’s called white because it’s very obviously blue but that is the name of it and it’s really really pretty and then over here she has her little canvas of Bailey and then we got all of this stuff from Hobby Lobby and then my friend also painted this really cute pig for her and this is a built-in bookcase that she has in here which is really cool we haven’t really like spent too much time styling it so it kind of just his own array of her things but I really think it’s cool how it’s built into her room and then she has lights hanging on it because she likes to turn those on and get like a cool relaxing by whenever she’s in here and then over here she got that cow picture from Hobby Lobby and I believe we got this from Hobby Lobby and she just keeps like her scrunchies in it and this is all from Hobby Lobby this is from Kirkland’s and I think we got this at home maybe t.j.maxx pretty sure we got that at t.j.maxx and then this frame is actually from Walmart and I love it because it actually has little barn doors that open and close okay and then we have my laundry room that is up here and there’s something stuck behind the door oh my mom so this is the laundry room I love it because it’s pretty big so let me step back out and I’ll show you so it’s pretty big I’ve got some storage up there and then as you can see Elyse can walk into it and everything and then it has these cabinets here and that provides a lot of storage so I really like that and then I have storage up there those huge baskets are from Walmart and then that’s another one of the signs that I got from Sam’s Club and then I just keep this dresser in here from our bedroom set because it will not fit in our master but it works great in here for storage because all the this house does not have any linen closets upstairs at all so that is one thing I don’t like but it works out and then over here we actually have walk-in attic space okay and then here is the master bedroom and I love my master bedroom so much I love my big bay window and then the paint color in here is sea salt and that’s by Sherwin Williams and our bedroom furniture is also from Ashlee and I love it it’s beautiful but I hate how much dust it shows I have to dust it constantly which is a bummer but my lamps are from Walmart and this really beautiful sign is from my friend Lynn white she actually has a youtube channel but she actually made that sign for me and then the really cute little God says here are from Amazon there’s what my dresser looks like and then our bedding is from Walmart and the pillows are from kirklands except for this you our loved one is from I believe my goals and then my curtains in here are from Target as well try to show you up close they’re like a gray but they’re blackout curtains which is really nice if we want to close them in here and you know not have the bright Sun coming in in the morning then we can do that and then over here we have this sign is from bully this sign is from Hobby Lobby and then this is also from Hobby Lobby I believe my frame is from Walmart and then these candlesticks are from Hobby Lobby all right so here’s our bathroom and it’s really strange because you actually walk down stairs into our bathroom but you have here my closet and his closet I’m not gonna take you in there just because this is going to be long enough as it is but it’s his in her closet and then you walk down the stairs and I’ll give you a peek because you might want to see like the size of them they’re not huge or anything but they’re plenty of space for us I have no issues at all as far as space in there but this is the bathroom and again it has the cabinets that I would like to update I just can’t decide what I want to do with them but overall I love my bathroom it’s huge and it’s beautiful I love having this separate space for my toilet we made these shelves and stained them and put them in here for more storage because again we don’t have any linen closets or anything up here or any pantries or anything so I needed storage so we built those and seen them but I love having the separate room for the toilet and and I have my garden tub here with the Jets and I love that and I have this shelf here that I got from Burke’s outlet and then this hot bath sign is from Hobby Lobby and I know I still have the sticker on this but I’m notorious for leaving stickers on stuff the lavender is from TJ Maxx and this is from Amazon again it came when I ordered it they sent me two so I don’t know what the deal is with that and then I believe that’s from TJ Maxx the candlesticks are from Kirtland this little this is actually plastic but it looks like glass I got that from Amazon and it has my epson salt in it here’s another one of the science that I got from Sam’s Club so we do have his and hers vanities so this is obviously his I have these signs I got from Hobby Lobby so this is his side and he has this really cute little pedestal from seizo & Co to set his stuff on and this is another plant from legacy they core that I love and then as I showed you over here is mine and so mine has the bigger area and everything but I love it and then we have a huge walk-in shower that I’m going to attempt to show you but this is or shower I love it our old shower was really really small and this one is just ginormous so I love it has a seat in it yeah I hate cleaning it but I love this shower and then I have this mirror here that I bought at Walmart they had a few different colors and I believe in the only like 50 or $60 which was really cheap for this size of mirror they did have a towel rack thing there but we took it out because I didn’t need to I don’t even use that one and I put this huge full-length mirror and I loved it and I don’t remember if I showed you but we have tray ceilings as well so that’s really pretty it’s just a nice extra little feature all right so now we’re going to head down to the basement so I’m just showing you the stairs so we’re gonna head down here I have this big sign I got from Kirkland so when you walk down that door has like just like the water eater and stuff nothing interesting and then we have like storage here for now I originally wanted to have this storage in here which I’ll show you in a minute but we can’t because it is like moist in there and water leaks and everything so we got these shelves from Lowe’s and it looks a mess now but this is like where I keep all my seasonal stuff I would like to eventually get like all of the same color and everything but that can get expensive because these things aren’t cheap so right now that’s how it is but in here is like an underground not underground storage I mean obviously we’re underground cuz its basement um it’s just like a storage shelter it’s really gross in here we have a few things in here not really a whole lot but this was this is where we would go if there was a tornado or something so coming out of there we have where we came down we have this little room here which is gonna be my husband wants to make it into like his a man cave but as of right now it’s just a bunch of stuff we haven’t unpacked yet and then we have our gym down here which I love having this space so I have my treadmill and I have my little TV that I watched workouts on YouTube and I’ve got like all my equipment in that case there that I got from kirklands and then he has his weight system here and all of his weights and stuff over there in the corner but we also keep the dogs here Bailey stays in her kennel and then Tucker will lay beside her on his little pillow here but this is where they stay when we’re gone and we have like a patio out there and then in here okay so this is kind of a mess because we are actually maybe cut a hole in the wall and we’re making this into a closet for all my husband’s army gear because it was just dry walled in but there’s all that space under the stairs so we’re in the process of doing that so all of his stuff is right there so it’s kind of a mess but I’ll show you this room so if this room has like a doggie door my dogs do not know how to use it so they never do but technically we could open that and they could come in and out of here if they wanted but it’s just a room there’s really there’s no like heating or air in here there’s a light and that door they used it for their dogs I don’t know who ever really use it but that’s what it is and then over here is a weird room that just has a bunch of stuff that we haven’t unpacked yet we really need to do this basement at some time but we just haven’t gotten to it it’s like mostly just like my crafting stuff is there I don’t have a closet for it so that’s kind of why I haven’t unpacked it if I had a closet for it I would have already unpacked it but the closets here like this is a closet but there’s no shelving in it so I just have my lighting for YouTube in there but let’s see ok so then there’s just this little area which we’ve done nothing with but if you come here this is where our guest room is in the basement so um I’ll just give you like a quick overview this is an old antique bed that my father-in-law made for us this was our first bed and then that’s like my old nightstand from when I was a teenager the bedding is from Walmart and then I have like this little mirror over here for guests if they want to be able to check out their outfit or whatever and then another one of the cube shelves from Walmart and then the curtains are from Walmart as well and then my mom actually painted this painting so I have that hanging in here and then I have this little glider that I had for both my babies I rocked both of my babies in this so I just have a sentimental attachment to it and I can’t get rid of it but I keep it down here for guests in case they want to sit in a chair and then over here is an old dresser I don’t even know I think I might’ve got this from a neighbor I really need to paint it but I just haven’t it but it just kind of serves as a place to set the TV in case they want to watch TV and then I got this sign at Lowe’s on clearance and it says be our guest it doesn’t matter if you come to visit or come in to rest when you enter our home may you always be blessed and then I don’t know the paint color down here it looks very similar to the Olympus white but it was here when we moved in oh and let me back up and show you so the rug is from um I believe this rug is from Wayfarer and I love it it’s here just like a 9 by 11 or something like that but I have it down here because the hardwoods and everything I wanted them to have like a soft place a soft warm place to put their feet and then they have their own bathroom and I hate this bathroom this shelf was here when we moved in and I just have some like extras shaving cream and razors and towels and things like that in case they forgot anything and then we have the shower there which is nice for them to have their own little space but I would like to eventually be able to redo this bathroom and then we have the toilet and they over the John that was also here and the little sink so pretty basic and this door right here it’s just let’s see it slides but it just comes out to here so it just makes like a big loop so I’ll back up so you can see so I’m in the guest room now there’s the bathroom and you could technically walk through here and then walk out if you wanted but we just basically keep it locked so we’ll walk back through and then there’s the guest room and then when you come up the basement stairs you have I forgot to show you this is our coat closet so we do have a coat closet so that is nice hey dogies can you say bye say thank you for watching our home toward hi hey thank you for watching the home tour yeah alright guys I I’m gonna go ahead and end this now but I hope you enjoyed it [Music] you [Music]


Well I need to tell you something . Maybe its irrelevant but I have to.Yesterday I watched a film called Madeleine.1950.You look exactly like the main actress.I just couldn't resist

Beautiful! Beautiful! I still think my favorite room is the office! Probably because I am dreaming of an office at home!! 🌸 πŸ’—

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I love the country as well my husband and I want to relocate to the country and start a garden to grow our own vegetables. My husband was raised in the country and being in the big city is so loud and busy so now he wants to go back and let the kids run and play in peace.

Gorgeous table and chairs!! Just have it professionally redone! My dream home, location, decorπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

I love your new home ! I love living in the country. It doesn't get any better than that . I shouldn't say that I guess, but it's peaceful, quite, BEAUTIFUL, private !!! You can have so much, a flower garden, vegetable garden, your own space for ANYTHING you want. Looks like it, inside and out. You have a large beautiful home. You have it decorated just as I had imagined you would too. I knew you would fill all that space, you, as I told you before, could had been an interior decorator !!! It's just lovey. You are blessed, and I'm so happy for you and your family.
Susan, from NC ❀🌹❀🌹❀

Girl I am absolutely loving ALL your decor, your layout of the house , the paint color, I love it all! We literally have the same taste in decor too! Can't wait to do my home tour of my new house too…..soon!!

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I always commented on how much I loved your old home and this one is absolutely gorgeous!! Your decor and colors are so beautiful!! What a blessing to have such a gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing with us. Sending love and hugs.

Jessica your house is so beautiful I just love it!!God bless you and your family πŸ˜šπŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰πŸ€—πŸ’“β€πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’˜

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Beautiful! Loved this home tour. I love your furniture choices. I ordered end tables from Walmart a year ago after admiring yours. Also ordered the bread box.

I’m in love with your farm house so big and also huge backyard!!!
All of your bathroom’s curtains are beautiful😍 where did you get them?

Your new home is Beautiful decorated to perfection and that round kitchen table I Love it I hope you can keep it because it's the perfect fit and everything God bless you and your family in your Wonderful new home😊

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your home is so beautiful, i love all the windows, i currently live on a basement suite and we have one window which is in my daughters room, my goal is to one day own a home like yours, it’s incredible

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gorgeous home sweetie. I love your decor, it is beautiful. I noticed in your mudroom the glass juice dispenser, you don't like using that for laundry soap? Do you find it leaks?? I was thinking of getting one but what are your thoughts??

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OMG…so jealous! Your home is so beautiful! I live in California and it would cost a fortune for a beautiful house like yours. So happy for you and your family! I have been watching you for years. Keep being you and thank you to you and your husband for your service!πŸ’•πŸ™

I saw a tip on Pinterest where someone spray painted their plastic storage tubs. I’ve been wanting to do that for our garage too, so they all match πŸ™‚

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