2019 YouTube Rewind, Comments Decorations, Subs Badge Experiments and more!

علاءجلامدة NewsFlash time, First item lots of updates to you guessed it Studio finding the Live Control Room Playlists and Audio Library. All three now have additional entry points in the improved navigation, so you should be able to find it way more easily. Also, we have improved the ability to add manual ad-breaks, also based on your feedback. Then it was a little hard to add them in the Studio editor and Now there’s like a new streamlined editor that’s designed just for making it easier to add manual ad-breaks Let us know what you think Oh! Still more stuff coming to the Studio There’s a new Restrictions column in the video list that will make it easier to find if any of your videos have Issues or things that are preventing it from reaching its maximum audience and then you can find out what’s holding it up and then you can decide if there’s anything you can do about it, or just know that it’s there. Ooh, and then also in Studio this has been asked for for a long time We did a sneak peek about this but we have now launched the ability to add read-only permissions for your Studio account to other people that you trust but you don’t want to give them edit rights Now to be clear this will only work for people who don’t use Brand Accounts So it’s going to be a subset of everybody out there that’s hearing this But don’t worry. If you do use brand accounts we are gonna may be adding read-only permissions for those in the future. This is just phase one of that big kind of permissions initiative and all that is in YouTube Studio None of that is going to be in Classic, in fact as a reminder Access to Classic is going bye-bye You’ll still have access to deep-linked Classic features like end being editor info card editor Audio Library, those things but just the that link on the bottom left corner of studio where you just get general access, that’s the thing that’s going away. Next. Whoa, we’re not done with the goodness in Studio. We are launching Comment Decorations in Studio So when you go in Studio into the Comments section You can now see these little badges or icons next to comments Written by people who are subscribers or some of your best commenters so this will just make it easier for you to If you can’t reply to everybody just kind of prioritize your subscribers or your best commenters In addition to the other filters that we recently added in the Comments section. Exclusively the YouTube Studio, not available on Classic. Classics going away. Next back in August we had an update to how we treated short Unintentional audio clips and whether or not claims could be made and how they needed to be made Those applied to our music partners. We’re now applying them to our non music partners as well We think this is a win for creators because a lot of times if it’s short and unintentional it needs to be treated as such. Next, the merch bar is launching to multiple new markets 13 new markets Belgium, Canada, France, Germany Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, so if you are selling merch You will now have merch bars In those markets if that’s where your viewers are speaking of merch, Streamers can now pin one item from their merch shelf to the top of the live chat area when they’re live-streaming next our Creator Academy channel has added a new course around how to make more inclusive content. Check it out, link below. Next, we have a new blog post around how YouTube is making authoritative content more discoverable as well as reducing borderline and harmful content, so if you are interested in finding out what our efforts are around those topics check out the link below Next we have an experiment around showing a “Subscribed” badge below the video alongside the channel icon to viewers, a small percentage of viewers, to see if this changes their behaviour makes them more likely to subscribe to your channel Next, we have another experiment, small percentage, where community tab posts may show up in that “Up Next” panel on mobile. Just a small percentage to see how that how viewers react to that if they value that if they like it Next stories metrics you can see on mobile home next to your stories some metrics around number of subs gained and total views in the last 14 days and And lastly, we announced our new YouTube Rewind video highlighting 2019, can you believe the year is almost over? Crazy. This year’s focuses on tough sort of end-of-the-year lists four top categories. It’s all from YouTube Actual videos. I just watched it myself. I thought it was quite good way better than the one in 2018 just my opinion I check it out. Let us know what you think and That is it for this week. Hope that was helpful in the meantime. Keep it real Ok movie time! Last week’s movie was “The Usual Suspects” and the first person who guessed it was Bumblebee Junction So congrats Bumblebee Junction this week’s movie. I actually have done this movie before it’s one of my favourite movies It’s actually my favorite movie of all time and it was from the early 2000s. What’s the matter Danny something? You don’t like no Spectre gunship daylight instead of night late afternoon when they’re all act up. I’m cop Only part of the city aidid can mount a serious counter-attack on short notice. What’s not to like life’s imperfect yeah for you to Circling above it at 500 feet is imperfect down in the street. It’s unforgiving If you know what movie that’s from put in the comments below and we will mention you on the next news flash. Keep it real


I just want to say Thankyou. Merry Christmas Creator insider. I am a small YouTuber but find this information helpful.


I have a suggestion for you. Would you be able to give watch time and views to creators of collaborations? For example, if
@razonf1 & @fanatics_f1 do a video together it would be cool if both of us would get the same watch time hours. Just an idea? Thanks 👍

You tube team does everything they can to help the community except help it earn income especially from personnel cash gifts from viewers. Oh yeah you cant super chat or super like a video or stream by way of Google pay it has to go through the control of absence because the advertisers don't like you're content so a viewer can't personally gift you by way of google pay super chat.

Is anyone else having issues with slower uploads in Studio as compared with Classic? I went to upload a YouTube Video in Studio and it was taking a VERY long time. I switched to Classic and the same video uploaded in minutes. Any ideas on why that is? Thanks for all you do! Classic is cleaner and faster, if it goes away, it's going to cost me a lot of upload time in studio. Thanks.

Can you help with me with my total watch hours. Under monetizations it is completely wrong and dramatically decreased by over 1k hours. But the individual videos have the correct watch hours.

You honestly need to use better quality equipment.. It looks very poor (blurry) the sound quality is poor, and echos. The room looks like a public toilet.
I know it might be difficult especially if you work on the go, but just a little thought would go a long way.
I use a green screen, good quality microphone and my room isn't empty and doesn't echo. It gives a much better viewer experience.
This is constructive feedback by the way ! 🙂 o>

0:28 – Finally thank you ! Still not as easy as Classic as we will still have to click "Add" "Add" "Add" and then manually go and type in each single break.
Please add the option as well to write in time stamps like we could before separated with ,! 🙂 As I usually write my adbreaks into a notepad and then copy/paste them in ! Thanks ! 😀 o>

1:00 – Nice feature ! 🙂 Is there a way to filter by "Videos with restrictions"? So we can check if there are any. Thanks ! 🙂 o>

2:07 – I really urge YouTube not to remove Classic until creators are happy with BETA. I understand BETA is bringing a lot of new features which is good, but there are still many issues and time-consuming processes with Beta that make it an awkward Studio to use for many things! o>

What about translations?? Only available in classic. Also want to see who leaves thumbs up and down come on if Facebook can do it I am sure you can too.

The new "restrictions" column is helpful, thank you for that. However, the options for any remedy if we disagree or want to "prove" we haven't done something wrong is severely limited. Better and additional choices for remedies in this area would be helpful.

I hope come April 1st 2020 that Classic is still around, and we get a Creator Insider video with the reveal, "Beta was just a JOKE and Classic never was scheduled to be gone, psych! What do you think we are crazy, Creators????? Ha Ha Ha! April Fools!!!!!" How about that angle, YouTube? Would love it and have the BEST April Fools prank experience ever, leaving me, and perhaps hundreds of thousands of others, a Happy Camper!

sir i am new creator in youtube my question is if my Channel not get 1000 sub & 4000 hours in a one year

so is my channel will delete by youtube ??? please most reply

why i'm seeing this chinese man in youtube studio ? sorry if that's rude ! this channel called
Creator Insider it supposed to be an inspiration for creators …. it's looks like a fake indian ad of a toilet paper product .. yeah it's that bad so please make more interesting thumbnails and work more on them

Hiding conspiracy theory videos is a terrible idea. There could be truth to them that we don't know about. You should not choose what we get to hear and what we don't get to hear. That reminds me of when Ashleigh Banfield and Phil Donahue were shut down by MSNBC because they did not like their view points about the Iraq war. Banfield and Donahue were against us going to the war because it was unnecessary and we didn't have proper evidence to justify that Iraq had a weapon of mass destruction. It was a senseless war that they were right about but corporate media tried to silence them. What you are doing about those news videos is the same principle. Once we go down the path of censorship, we would never return from it. Imagine if there is a news source coming out with plenty of evidence about a corporation dumping toxins into a water supply. Let's say that the corporation is in bed with your website and convinces you that any news source about what they are doing to the water supply is misinformation. You would be likely to bow down and shut down any news source about the toxins in the water supply, claiming that it is misinformation when it is not misinformation. That is a dangerous route to go down to and once we enter it, we never return from it. I'm all about keeping everyone safe but I also believe that everyone should have the ability to express their opinions.

I would love for YouTube to look into the fake copyright claims by WMG. Apparently they have made claims against hundreds of content creators (including me) and have affected our income because by the time the claim is processed and found to be fraudulent the biggest number of views have already happened…..SO WRONG!!!
Many creators have made videos about this. Can someone PLEASE look into this or into changing the process??? Thank you so much!!!

Why I can't subscribe now? It pop up because I have too many Subscribed? Can you please explain me int this case please.

What happened to the "Edit" button for playlists? It's gone now. I wanted to add a video from my second channel to a playlist in my first channel (this one) and I seem to be no longer able to do it. How do I add and remove videos from my playlist now? There is an edit button for changing the name of the playlist. There is an edit button for changing the description of the playlist. But there is no longer an edit button for adding and removing videos from my playlist. Am I missing it? I just can't seem to find it anywhere. Please put it back. It kind of defeats the purpose for having a playlist all together. Thank you for taking the time to read this. And Happy Holidays!

When will A/BTest of thumbnails be arrive. If it's experimental, please add this feature to my account. So many bundle of thanks in advance. And oops, that's 3rd comment in a row

stop destroying youtube stop destroying it we are sick of you people and want you out especially out of our kids life and influences.

Why How …about comment when I reply any comment from cell phone did not show on YouTube studio from computer.

They need to add a setting to the youtube studio to change which uploader to use. Classic to me is just is much easier compared to the beta, and i dont really feel like changing to beta. So that being said (plus everyone else is saying this too that beta is just a big ol nope), there should be an option in the studio to change what version or if you wanna try beta or not. Now you could make beta the default so people can know that its there, but you gotta make it where you can save the changes of not using beta. Because when i upload my content, its annoying for me to keep having the say why id rather not use it and taking the extra steps to go to classic every upload.

i love the BADGES idea but how about if youtube made it automatic
give levels like in forums, brown, silver, gold. or whatever
so the subscribers would be more pro active to leave comments as they would feel appreciated.

but… I dont think youtube cares about MY opinion, I go and cry…. nobody likes me. bye

I haven't made a video since Halloween so I know I'll have to learn all the updates but I'm excited to see how it all works. If you guys have any ideas on videos I should do in the new year, please let me know or give me feedback since I'm still newish at all of this

I think these few years is the dark age of youtube, I would like youtube change the whole demonetization policy, it is really ridiculous to demonetized whole channel while only few videos MAY violate your UNCLEAR policy, or may be simply change the management can solve those problem.

YouTube purging subscribers again? That would seem to be the only explanation for a big drop we just experienced.

I am really confused with analytics tab showing views and watch time graph that changes the past views and watch time every now and then..
The watch time data shown in YTS analytics is different from what is being shown in Monitisation tab.
why is it so??!!!

I appreciate that you're still trying to make Studio Beta happen. That takes courage.

Realistically though, it's a damn mess and no amount of tweaking is going to fix it. There's simply way too many menus and sub menus to click through. The reason classic works is that everything you need is right there in one screen. A key example is uploading with Studio Beta. Why do you have to click through three different menus before you can publish? Just put all that on a single screen. It's ok to use small fonts.

I like the new dashboard for the analytics but RIP Classic 🙁 I also thought that these sub badges were something subscribers would have when commenting on your video lmao.

The Classic uploader is better than the Studio uploader. I upload multi-language videos. Classic gives me the option to add translated title/description while the video uploads, Studio does not. I also tend to upload multiple videos at once. Classic lets me drag and drop several videos at once, Studio only allows one at a time. Please don't take Classic away until Studio has all the features that Classic already has. I'm only a small creator with 10K subs but I know many larger creators share this sentiment.

Very good stuff you've shared! I'm glad to get real information about YouTube, from YouTube and not other's; ideas of what you mean.

Anyone else having trouble with auto captions working? I used to have about a 90% success rate and with the new studio, it's maybe 50% on a good day.

Since this video was on my dashboard I want to ask a question to Youtube and its Algorithm. It is a question as well as a complaint!! All the new creators must pay attention to this. I watched a famous dude channel, named Video Creator, who was teaching/showing when to advertise and when not on youtube. His suggestion was to advert when your channel already doing fine! THAT'S COMPLETELY FALSE!! My channel was doing really amazing without any paid ads. After watching this dude recommendation I ran paid ads on youtube. As soon as the money ran out. Youtube seemed to have put me in the blacklist and doesn't want to show/recommend my videos as before paid ads. My daily video views from 4000k went to just 1000k but dear youtube I do not have more money to run paid ads so please remove me from that list and be nice with your old creator! New Creators: only run ads when you are new to the platform, once your channel doing fine DO NOT run any ads on youtube. Thank you and I hope dear youtube you can again start to recommend my videos to interested users soon. Namaste and hear you hopefully!

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