2019 Wall College of Business

Welcome to the AACSB accredited Wall
College of Business at Coastal Carolina University. My name is Barbara Ritter and
I am excited to serve as the leader of a college so full of unique opportunities
for students. Here in the Wall College, the students are our main focus. Our
majors receive individual attention so that each one can realize their full
potential. In fact, exiting students report that
they are especially satisfied with our small class size and the attention they
get from faculty and staff. We prepare students for success with a curriculum
that includes a solid foundation in business concepts and goes beyond the
basics to focusing on critical thinking, ethical reasoning, communication,
interpersonal and technology skills. We also provide students with a full range
of professional development activities in order to prepare for a competitive
job market. The quality of our programs manifests itself and an excellent
placement rate in organizations all over the world.
Our alumni consist of CEOs, entrepreneurs, and community leaders that are employed
at companies such as Ernst & Young, Accenture, Deloitte, Walt Disney World and
KPMG. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a college more invested in student
learning and success than the Wall College of Business. Feel free to explore
our website for more information about our diverse and exciting programs.

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