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Hello friends to make peacock showpiece we need an empty roll of silver foil we all use Silver foil at home. When it is finished, then it’s role can be used to make peacock showpiece Besides this we need origami sheets of silver color Blue color Glitter tape of silver and blue color bindi packet Scissors glitter sparkle tube and fevicol To make the show piece Take glitter tape and start rolling it around the roll like this Leave some space in between the lines Now first color tape is rolled completely Now take the silver color tape and start rolling it in between this tape cris cross Now the stand is ready completely Now to make feathers, take origami sheets of blue color and silver color and make fans make six fans of blue color And six fans of silver color Now paste one blue fan with silver then blue then silver and join it together These fans are joined now. Now collect them together Like this Now take the roll and make a hole in the center, a big hole Take the fan and put it in this hole Now paste the edges on the roll Now Stand and feathers are ready Now take the golden sheet Draw peacock’s body on it and cut it like this Now paste this body on the stand Now to make its eyes just take one bindi and put it like this, it has become its eye Now this peacock showpiece is ready To make it brighter you can put sparkle tube On its feathers Your peacock showpiece is ready now You can hang it on the wall Or you can keep it as a showpiece anywhere Thank you Please like subscribe and comment on My channel

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