10 Mins DIY Indian Bridal BARBIE Lehenga & Jewellery | #Decoration #Styling #Anaysa #DIYQueen

how are you?? and this is your wedding gift I’ve brought it from Dubai especially for you do your Eye makeup using this pallet after marriage it seems expensive yes you know I always buy expensive gifts for you & I’ve bought this pallet especially for you see you in the wedding where you was going without meeting me I am coming to meet you and what are you hiding from me wow!! a gift for me but this is not expensive gifts should be special not expensive and I know it would be so special let me open it you remember you had given me this doll in our childhood I have made its diy dress and decorate it wow!! you made them so beautiful even than the new one this is you and its me you can see this doll whenever you miss me in your new house and yeah I want 1,00,000 LIKES for this cute doll first of all we make Lehnga for this beautiful doll for this we need measure your doll’s bottom area and make a mark on fabric 3 inch more than its actual measurement fold the fabric along the mark likewise do the same here cut along the folded part again fold the fabric like this and cut need to make a small cut at the top so than our doll can enter in using fabric glue paste any of your favourite lace at its border to make it more beautiful paste some more golden stone insert the doll from this hole and make her to wear this Lehnga and stitch it from the waist so it get fitted well to our doll fix lace to hide the stitched part now we gonna to make its off shoulder blouse cut the fabric after making its measurement stitch it from front like this now inside out that stitched part & make it to wear to your doll and paste paste any thin lace at its edges now we gonna to make jewellery for our doll for this we need paste stones on Bakram and give any of your favourite design using this ball chain likewise make its ear rings and Mank tika paste these using super glue now lets make its Scarf/Dupatta cut the fabric as much you need its length and fix lace all around the corners likewise make the Lehnga just like we made earlier now we gonna make this sleeveless blouse for our doll cut fabric according to the doll size and secure it with pin take measurement for arm holes like this now half fold the fabric and cut it like this now open the folds and make cuts like these now cut as much length you need for you doll and let make it wear and paste it with glue gun or super glue fix stones and lace to decorate the blouse now make it wear this Lehnga and stitch it like we did earlier and fix lace at end and now make jewellery for the doll using stones and prepare dupatta/scarf with your favourite fabric wow this doll is looking so beautiful from where you bought it? she has made it for me I too want to learn you can watch my video yes I’ll watch your video and also hit LIKE on it have you Subscribed her channel or not yes Subscribe it and also turned on this notification bell


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