10 DIY Small Bedroom Improvement and Cleaning Ideas

A beautiful and relaxing bedroom is everyone’s dream. But it can be challenging to improve your bedroom if it is small and lackluster. Cleaning small bedroom can also stress you out especially when it comes to organizing all your stuff in a cramped space. Don’t be sad, with the right tips and tricks, a new dreamy bedroom, is within your reach. You don’t need to spend thousand dollars or cash because our next 10 bedroom improvement and cleaning ideas are do it yourself friendly. Prepare yourself and follow these easy steps and tricks to re-do your small bedroom. As usual this list is compiled for you by simphome.com 10. Make Floating Nightstand with Storage A floating bedside nightstand is the key of practicality and comfort for your small bedroom. Keeping the floorspace clean is important to free up space and make your room looks wider. To avoid piled-over stuff onto the nightstand, create a nightstand with storage space or drawers. With open storage or drawers, the top of the nightstand will stay clean and clear with just two or three items like lamp or alarm clock. Some other items you need right beside you, like smartphone, alarm clock, notes, tissue papers, and books can be kept in the storage or drawers. The simple and chic wall mounted nightstand should take little spare time to create. 9. Make Use of the Space Under the Door The genius trick for more hardworking space in a small bedroom is to take advantage of unused space. Put the door into good use by transform the back of the door into wardrobe planning central. All you need are only wire hooks, rods and screws. Install them in creative way and create extra storage for hanging a complete outfit so you can save lots of time in the morning. 8. Take Your Headboard to the Next Level One of the multifunctional furniture for a small bedroom is a custom headboard with storage that serves a double-duty, as a bedside table, bookshelves, and a built-in nightstand. It provides you more space for lamps, books or even clothes. This project takes minimal carpentry skill and can be nearly free. You can upcycle used wood crates by searching flea markets or garage sale. Combine the crates to get the height needed on each side of your bed. In the picture, the owner decided to make three shelves each. To make it more functional, turn the middle shelf into table by adding a cantilevered extension. Then, make a top shelf that expands over the bed from one side to another, and two shelf towers. Last, paint the headboard. This upcycled headboard will go beyond your expectation. 7. Dress Up your Lighting Decorate the bedroom with this carnation-like snowball light. You won’t believe that the delicate ruffles are made of coffee filters. It is fun and affordable to make. The basic components are basket-style coffee filters, 1/2-inch hardware cloth, and a string of LED lights. First, secure the LED string with a cable tie to the wire frame every few inches. Start at the outer edge of the circle and continue to the mesh in a spiral pattern. Then, wrap the coffee filter to make a flower shape and insert the tip into an opening in the mesh. Insert another tip into one skipped square, cross the tips and secure with staple. Keep doing it until the entire circle is filled with coffee filters. Finally, you can hang the snowball on the wall and turn on the lights. 6. Opt for a Double-Duty Wall Art Wall art is indeed snazzy for your boring wall. However, Cheap and simple wood boxes can be upgraded into a wall art and an open shelf at the same time. Get various sizes of wood boxes and paint them in various colors. Once they are dry, decorate the inner side of the boxes with pretty paper. Put decorative items such as jars, little flower vases, porcelain dolls, or books in them. Done, they look lovely isn’t it! 5. Stencil Your Wall Cheer up your wall with DIY Moroccan-style patterns. It’s completely free because all you need are cardboard and some leftover paint. Find a Moroccan-ish shape on Google and print it out whatever size you want. Tape them together and cut out the shape. Transfer the shape onto cardboard and cut it out. Now, start tracing it onto the wall perfectly straight every time. Start tracing lightly on your wall with a pencil. Once you traced everything with a pencil, grab a small brush and go over the lines with paint. No need to make perfect line because no one is going to look that closely. 4. Get a New Curtain on the Cheap Frequently, when you are shopping for home décor you’ve been dreaming of, you are stepping back when knowing the price is insanely expensive. Instead of buying at a high price, it would be better to make it yourself. This idea will great for your guest room. The supplies you need are curtains to paint, fabric paint, and 2 rolls of tape. Start taping off a border on the curtain. Mark out your first row of chevrons with ruler. Decide what pattern you want, then begin taping your first row. Roll out some plastic under the curtain to avoid excess on your floor and get ready to paint. Peel off the tape and let them dry. Very pretty and cheery. 3. Cheer your bedroom up with Pops of Colors Everyone who told you there was some set pattern of rules to follow with color, banish their advice! Don’t be afraid to play with colors. Mix two or three different colors in your bedroom will be just fine. Don’t block the wall by just painting it with one color. Paint the wall with two or three different colors horizontally or vertically to create a fun splash of colors. For instance, choose a happy banana yellow and left the top half white to keep it bright and simple. 2. Don’t Miss the Space Under Your Bed A bed takes up a big space of a bedroom, whether in the master bedroom or the kids’ rooms. So why don’t you make use of the valuable space beneath it with these under bed clothing drawers. First, measure the width and height of the space under your bed to make storage bins or boxes that will perfectly match. You can use old drawers or wooden crates, and add four casters to each drawer that allow it to glide easily. Done. Before we get to number 1, I suggest you press subscribe button if this channel is new to you. Get new updates automatically every time I upload new videos. And let’s find out the last idea sitting honor top chart. Lastly, 1. Organize Your Drawer Desk drawer can be such a disaster. Everything used on the desk are usually being tossed right into the drawer, which makes it a messy mess. Drawer dividers can fix this problem and you can make it yourself from cereal boxes. You need leftover cereal boxes, pretty papers, regular tape and double-sided. First, Cut the boxes according to the height of the drawer. Wrap the boxes with pretty papers and arrange them to fit in perfectly in the drawer. Then, arrange your stuff in the new brightly coloured cereal box drawer dividers. Your job is completed So, those are 10 DIY ideas to improve and clean you small bedroom. From multifunctional furniture to decorating hacks, you choose which one is possible for you to do. Most of them are Pretty nice and affordable, right? That’s it for now. Before you leave, like this video if you truly enjoy it, comment it, or share it with anyone close to you in your social media account, or email this. Browse and follow simphome website for more home decor and makeover ideas. Lastly, see you again later with more videos like this in the near future. And until that time, thanks for watching.


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