【vlog】オーストラリアファミリーのクリスマスパーティー 〜Australian family’s Christmas party〜

Hi, everyone. It’s Mii Chan. I spent this Christmas in Australia and my host family had the Christmas party at home. I helped them to make dishes on Christmas Eve. First of all, we made a topping of a salad. Mix some sorts of nuts. We picked up and ate some pumpkin seeds because it’s good for our health. Add some chilli, honey and salt, and stir-fly them. Cool and break it into shards to top on the salad. It tastes like “Okoshi”, which is a sort of Japanese snack. Next, we made the zippy dressing. Brebd basils, lemon juice, cheese, balsamic, and olive oil. We made shortbread as well. It was so crumbling that I wasn’t sure it was going well, but we made it together! Some trees, stars, and two reindeers My host father made the Christmas turkey and the Christmas hum. These are necessary for Christmas dishes. They prepared a caprese for me. It’s one of my favorite foods. My host mother’s father and her sisters’s families got together. Lovely Christmas ornament came up from the cracker! aper crowns are classic item for parties. Children got a lot of presents from each families. I heard that Aussie children usually get Christmas presents from both parents and Santa Claus! After having nice conversations, we sung together and played Christmas games. A person sings a Christmas carol with different lyrics and the others guess what the song is. My host mother’s sister made a pavlova, which is a traditional Australian cake. It’s mainly made of meringue and whipped cream. Thank you for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please your thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe my channel.

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