【K-POP PLANNER】 June Decoration ★! (Eng/Esp)

Hello, I’m Cori from Koori Style 🙂 And today I’ve for you a new update on my Kpop planner! And I’ll also make June’s decoration ^.^/♥ First I’ll mark with a sticker the ending of May. And here’s the final decoration, monthly and weekly, of May. The first week was a black & white Taehyung theme 🙂 Next theme: ‘date’ at a cafe with Pentagon’s E’dawn hehe This was BTS week; new album, new MV and the Billboard ^.^ A floral week with VIXX’s Ken ♥ (I combined it with the invitation :P) And to finish the month, a galactic(?) Suga theme ^.^/♥! Now let’s decorate June 😉 I’ll use stickers I printed on adhesive paper, washi tape… You can substitute these printing pictures and designs on regular paper, using glue to fix them into place. And here’s the final result of the monthly view :3 I tried to combine both pictures with pastel tones. I hope you enjoyed this small “K-planning” video ♥ If you did, please click the like button and subscribe Thanks for watching! I’ll see you soon with a Kpop video Bye bye~ ♪


Hi, Cori! 💕 Ohh, I loved May's weeks decoration, especially Taehyung's black and white one hehe but they are all beautiful ♡ Also, June's decoration is wonderful! I love the pictures with those soft colors. I'm looking forward to next month! 😊❤

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