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Hello There… welcome to silly Monkey. I am going to show you my house today. Haven’t I promised that i will show my next video interesting ? So, this is what it is Basically Our’s is a 3 BHK House. We took it long back. Actually My Husband took it before our Marriage so… He bought it and Gave it to me… And we made it as a sweet home So… Let’s go inside and look around what we have… Welcome to Our House We stay in 8th Floor I told this already… Our’s is a 3 BHK… Looks bigger 🙂 From here… We are going inside. This is our Living Room first I’ll show you one by one
ok this is our living room as I said and our sofa unit and TV unit… so that is
our home theater and you can see the speaker’s other two speakers are mounted on the top of the wall. This is for not letting nakshatra to touch them Before that, they were on stands next to each Sofa chair. So, nakshatra is holding and dropping them on the floor when she is palying. That’s why we changed them now okay and the FileZilla now Kumar in club
bar enact a thing intended and partially and it’s so well decorated I’ve got a
crown or taunted with it so I like it so much that is what is that one let’s go
Father it’s called through coat there are
yellow to some mana and Daniel animals America Sonakshi could Salah bargain
action so he what it’s from dad Andrew saccharin good lamps and I gotta render
Butler so those are star-shaped glasses are not a local star shaped like
dementia crystal I just wanted want you to see that it’s even I guess you can
see the stars inside the light right and it’s candles into the wax candle do you
like candy san roque term tooth relic red car okay tea light cannons are the
affluent a we usually put it only on special occasions fun level up to do
later I’m celebrating trees but the lectures
birthday island of Grenada so I said it was for theater and this is a living
room area covering the convert Leland it came the glasses on daily been kinder
it could thesis on in the current day nakshatra was able to catch hold of
everything any port pony partisan and more of a
glass cutter from a stretch alibi below this is that a letter and one so this
has achieved and we also have had a steep i under the tip i planning for
thesis and only later they get a later unload it
I’ll show it where it is okay this is what a living room is a source and
current I guess it’s way too okay provide the Indian name in the corner
that it’s all Wi-Fi connection Wow here comes our dining on
okay planning on coming cropping it correct cool around it so it could’ve
made the kids see things or there he could record under currently someone
over to no but you can see Alexa and the digital photo frame see when I said Alex
right recipe there’s no active comm oh hi Alexa hi Alexa good morning good
morning acclaimed writer Jane Austen was born on this day in 1774 this thing what
they saw from you know okay Alex up to inside our bure there is no child equal
to tenderness of heart Alexa stop it okay I’ve heard more things then I asked
okay so he’d be a hit in my dining hall I wanna cuz I said cooler if they put in
pay nakshatra chimney on approve I got some whole of India put the escutcheon
we ordered it through Amazon and it worked so well it particular child I
warned on it they totally gonna do it’s just two years so that is a cooler and
this is our fridge mmm fridge so it’s a double door fridge in below most of the
things can already own a parrot again or choose another so it equal a tank this
could be my liquor mundo and it says this is how it works which Kay InTouch
mundo magnetic I don’t know there’s no Justin okay so we’re eating
my dining table Taliban dinner I like this so much
it’s it’s a unique design say your name design itself would anyone
put on one and keep it in Koko Taylor there we go
I see full of babies nakshatras I watch it could be all these phenomena but this
dining table is full of glass if you’re going to see it inside – it is full of
life but I just saw it with this place tablecloth and yeah interesting
oh we are the pink color one this is my chakras helmet so funny bike is Kelly
but I Brennan no.3 well unfortunately other your helmet back home they run rod
and while Nanticoke gonna shake ones like anything okay and the next one here
those is the painting it’s a it’s a painting of one black mood with nickel
attitudes to the conceive on flat clock you punch a little because this is
pathetic old one but I liked it the man looks are you think flag of North Dakota
and he’s painted with black one corner sloop
I prefer the black silver and he painted it critical not you see it in the mirror
yeah so it looks okay on the channel and I can feed myself there and I can avoid
that okay let’s bring some brightness to the room okay this is our balcony as I
said I said they are on egg floor so this is hard at balcony looks in the
city looks you can see the stars outside right yeah Valkyrie balcony a cherished
we have three balconies okay with Enoch challege 20 so we decorated it for
Diwali and Nero just never knew you’re in Christmas so now my money on Jason
hey hi I know okay here goes so here is our crockery
unit you could put an underline my child I know because our home looks like a
glass house almost mind Roni dodged Oneonta and this is idea if the cranes
waters out Niagara yeah but can our crease cups and up it is
cup small small cups these are like teacup slanting official paramitas
cunanan my capital chala Banacek protein etc quickly though but I like them so
much so yeah I could say it from here so our particular to throw clay do but turn
a couple charla not J so if putting an open-and-shut the morning New England if
I have a lady she drinks milk every day in these cups and I think you’re missing
something there can you see okay there are two people in there
let me show them okay okay you can see ya
here goes it’s me industry maybe open portal gallon in London okay
it’d be my sister my okay my sister my presentation a stylistic it actually
photo is from our reception wedding reception so we are honest some here are
Ganesha cutie little Anisha it’s not little one it’s a bigger one in fact
the main Domenici and i chose not to never door closes to be serious Ganesha
like when a tableau which should have blue high bicep authority and a sharpie
we both actual academic cherished and everyday night like softest it be radium Ganesha intro light soft cheese not blue
okay hi to ten minutes were require the glow which I love so much so one unit up
in the next unit is a crockery not nature in the town but yeah Hoddy
nakshatra birthday key someone gifted it to her and next one is yeah let’s see
results this is this is one more Ganesha okay Ganesha packet I ran the Lotus so
naaku crystal things and I cherish them so that’s right by my neck reduced now
crystal things wanna you can see that for when I finish up a pinnacle only but
Hadi give pitch in D so even in gonna be like this is one Lotus this is one Lotus
lotus actually Monica in a present gesture it’s so lucky name gonna stay
I’m feeling so lucky so II Ganesha Ganesha La Cucina good luck chidden each
in the bottle already hurry not yet when Chicago ended but
still again there a computer we initially shrieky
while a team chain you would not share Anita and from then he’ll is because
and their top 100 I know but I’m fine I think I can show you
fine so this is bullock cart giddy equine low but touch ID and check it at
party girl suddenly when I can I can but I am Dennis Alabang and so I didn’t
address to actual to us toys and this is done and the last one so a the corner
then matter and look at it we could have things like calculators a Inc play on
someone some kind of DVD players and even occur in the kunai entail nakshatra
you could watch a show leather it’s all dark here so she can’t find it
he couldn’t then this is that we bought it from Ikea I still only when they’re
in body so this is our dining hall not yet turn so this is one a flowerpot the
Shilpa wrong with this cotton in fidelity and finer flowers and the a
home center and Gunda yeah home centrality scheme no tower tribunal from
home center and the pink one are from rail ends okay and this is a this is a
wash wash basin Hey yeah flash oh I don’t want black in
there it’s okay fucker and oh yeah I forgot it
these are some tea light candles a bit childish door knocker and every one of
them yeah are they really that good mentally this
is my lamp yep boiling so I could the timer much room and that’s it so this is all about a
dining hall yeah most important thing I forgot is these curtains so we see them yeah okay so what about these curtains
maybe movie curtains me change Hermosa protocol design change a mylanta like
brown and green combination together so a cream combination turn a sickie true
if the I could change I went a second over the general was a Tigger of cotton
shortly after I ordered changing intimate Aniki like lambda l eglise
ancient at a combination which was about eighteen to nineteen thousand five not
to look after a child on the coffee until okay reason will red leather candy
and could he be lambda not only here i show it later and here comes our bedroom
you can see there right yes it’s a no entry so llama a new entry or welcoming
you okay here is our bedroom what is there inside so I think I mean
it’s it’s a sunny day today so lighting couldn’t show my coma on the beta I’m
not able to get that inside so except another $1
mylanta oral argument and it occur just not delante
so this is our dressing table kind of thing and easy getting them to Mexico so
eventually I have divided this – this is this is not shoes and this is mine so I
currently natural things and I also economy nothing’s and I like all secret
things are attic or powder body lotion it’s talent they come tell me ride and
get of claim and if that’s especially I’m going to show it it’s how watch it
could happen a very accurate in Arma I put this in the graffiti I mean all
about this so see my things oh man I gotta I mean like moisturizer lotion
hairspray hair lotion lipsticks eyeliner cones and my wallet and yeah one cup so
usually like Charlet rotla you’re on a challenge to make a flip each with a
pitch ball and ANS third one to hear these kind of coffee mugs but the
pathetic eating my axle actually change aldo achievable so one of Avengers
pounder and low Sonia nighter and look pencils eyebrow pencil liners you know
understand or some kind of things like this is nakshatras negative kind of
thing to pave in hit water fall onto our channel things myself not late
and whenever I take off my earrings unless of them okay that’s more than
enough and here comes the heart where this has
come okay Eden I knew she could give the channel
the Marbella condo and it’s still so fresh and so bright red so the media and here comes corner some
kind of thing in the lights on either back in the minor two combinations that
they are from Ikea and a boy in Vellore my photos and our photo say imp actually
that photo when I was carrying and that one when we were married to two years I
guess okay here comes a special gift don’t forget me it’s from guess who gave
this to whom okay this is a shirt okay oh my god kill me mhm nakshatra wall and on key fob in 32
stitches you can see – I like you Dan and the healer says it’s papa alright
love you papa and she thinks this and very special gift from the right that’s
a special gift – so yeah I like him to cross an intake so that ideal imatra now
produce no clue and a fishery will feel so emotional right so that I like okay
thanks so at the a 20 and by now this is okay
must be wondering no disrespect dingdong Vincent Angela Allen today be kind of
Tibetans Mimura dalai lama Sancta kind of thing yet only so occur I mean month
yeah that story in Japan Academy moon Danny this clown also are the kind of
luck heating and water are the very corner so in profit Conti Fuji Japan
Gerda Chinese Ganesha Nagaland and what is this iron box recurrently
mmm Arjun to ever learn to sit alone Mangala so I need a favor charlet Akua
doctor oh and this is our bird it could change in the panel change in B
and picanha and oh yeah lamb chicks back then threaten me you can see the
something I want to show you there okay I could have a look and let me look at
this finger and that is a smiley one so hearing the bellows Murphy even actually
then we do this man the Ronnie at the decoration proclivity that has some
reason okay natural things this Ella pillow is her friend and it hides
everything what she likes so even up in a van came a nut she never stood only a
Ruthie’s coco done Kunta she hides it here so nano up little children I just
wanna see it here today I mean that’s what is there okay these
are hot wristbands main monitor lipid Kundun even on an Allegheny so I cut
that is no matter and this is the time of this is two minutes timer so the
achievement a we got it for Colgate toothpaste hold it with whiskey
timer something special addy actually six to seven years kinda a little paste
I know I which was in and I make than it is gonna do but a deep breath chaser and
yeah time Holly on D so articular rate chest and couldna my cottage from the
digital oh yeah it’s here ok we do London thought on that
so enough refresh the Graham magnetic I did look at Mesa in an uncertain because
ideally so the new manic of magnet toy Indy so what he could that statue
connect of this okay I just keep it as it is live and Emily should we cry and
she’ll actually shout at me mom in the katisa I could record battalion to me
okay and that’s done in the day to a patron
oh goody and this is our laptop area
he works on here it’s it’s on and off his laptop exam personal laptop and yeah
that’s a turbine that’s a printer in Japan here are mugs and the angels come
down one day we do only this pen so I gave it to him but anyways it’s happy
anniversary oh okay Adi we use it that way and that is 10k
for completing 10 years in office and that’s what these are but you forgot to
mention one thing is our clock its Odin one well it’s not a wooden when it’s a
plastic one looks like Odin and here comes our wider kitchen I like our
kitchen a bitch all up at the ground but not one time to bother other so I don’t
have so many things to tell you but yeah it’s like a modern kitchen you have this
me areas to keep the the bus okay and that’s our oven grinder what not all
kitchen things yeah but I can but never hiked up scientist in the pizza and
those cups to the window space-based have a cooling down and give Li just
what it from Ikea yeah here comes the crowd then the
bigger one is for me and Sri and the smaller one is for an action so far
cubby until almost a test and if I am I’m warning you so naughty shred it
America feeling good but Donny big clock didn’t sell ‘ loves me okay so this is
our room and let’s go to our crib soon socrata taller brighter than 14 better
what is there in that why so bright because hey kitty
I’m coming this cat is like protecting this house jumping here and there so this is the kids room and Camus natural
garage garage in Lincoln and it’s her car and her scooty on cycle or whatever
image of it that’s chair basically beam our workshop
Noddy and she literally say after the make you stop but the better tool gets
converted like a some kind of a vape at the factory Lohara
oh we have this he uses all this and he he does some
other things bigger it over just to suit he needs it and when I could not connect
avi push-ups Sharon can murder and he occurred the economy on the indigent
usually I don’t do and maybe he or me so what this is the Maclaurin license
devotion it’s a car a favorite car and actually main body car put a rating and
then Carl okay I read much not only she took it dad gifted it to her what else
to show in this room because it’s completely workshop this room has Iran
key three lights and type three children’s who are to get more lights
for videos so yeah in action one little dinner rain rain go away okay so I’m
gonna here among the bright Gandhi yeah the Maclaurin so that’s it about kids
room yeah this is kids oh my forgot to tell about it
Oman and workshop it’s a kid’s room not should he play I was trying to get the
car okay so I will use it after some time as kids room let’s go to the guest
room my kitty so this is our gets true so iconic and
particular Venkatesh wins for me my favorite God okay
get strong bed and okay and this is the dressing area from guests usually mama
after you and Daddy no children Peru so while the Kissimmee rumor
okay nothing more in it yeah here comes the God
my internal on bitch okay okay vision okay even wonder neck I mean I think
it’s a prayer to Abuja garlic bottom but I’m fine three Nicosia really change it
chair so I’m very happy with it and one more thing to show it here is the chair
this is Adam chair Antarctica so it reminds you to stay dementia very
comfortable but our balcony has a good view of the lakeside
so what the relax travel and they sit there and here comes the guest bedroom
balcony convert Omega back to the exercise air second so solemn and a
little icky mind Lakota the exercise most of the times table is olynyk
materials Chesterman so let’s go from here to somewhere and that’s it so even be mine if you like my house and
my video as already Topanga if you liked my video
leave to share please do subscribe and this like thumbs up and follow me in
Instagram and the below link see you next time bye


illu Chala andanga undhi… Miru illantha thirigi chupisthunte IKEA showroom chusthunnatluga undhi… Little Ganesha Inka mi balcony Chala bagundi…. Telugunti illalu kabatti illu Chala Baga sardhinaru 😍😍👌👌👌✌️🤝🤝🤝

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